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Quora: What are the hottest digital media startups right now?

What are the hottest digital media startups right now? 7 answers on Quora

What are the hottest digital media startups right now?

Here’s my answer. If you’re on Quora, I’d appreciate it if you’d vote my answer up. Thanks!

Instapaper is the dark horse when it comes to digital media, and I suspect they could do to news media what TiVo did to television.

If Marco Arment (formerly w/ Tumblr) can scale the service right and market it to the right audiences, I suspect we could have a decent business brewing.

+1 to a couple of names mentioned on this thread. I think Tumblr & Quora  in particular, are nailing it.

I find myself starting my day on these sites to consume content that’s both geared towards my personal interests (tumblr) and career interests (quora), similar to how I felt with Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I didn’t mention LinkedIn, since I work there.

That said, Tumblr is having it’s Friendster moment as it keeps struggling to stay afloat and online. Not a good sign. If they can handle it, they could turn out to be THE digital media upstart to watch out.”

BTW, moving forward, I hope to re-blog select Quora answers on this blog here. This one’s tagged under “future of digital media”.

If you write for a career blog, I’d highly recommend your reblogging it on Quora, since it helps you surface your content to yet another targeted audience. Think of it as yet another channel for the valuable content you create. More on that later.

If you’ve questions on Quora? Leave a comment or find me on twitter  @mariosundar / Mario Sundar.

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