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Stats: More B2B firms (not B2C) use social media

Now that’s a surprise. A lot of companies are dabbling in social media and trying to figure out what’s the right approach to social marketing. But, it’s telling that more of these firms trying it out are from the B2B world than B2C. There’s a lot to consume in this graphic but a few key points after the jump. Hat tip to Mashable.

Key points:

  • More B2B companies (than B2C firms) dabbling in social media cluelessly (will explain)
  • Those B2B firms are less active on social media than their B2C counterparts
  • B2B firms also have less executive approval, less budgets and more of them think it’s irrelevance (uh!)
  • Looks like Facebook and LinkedIn were ranked as the top two social networking sites that these B2B companies have tried out (Yes, I work at LinkedIn)
  • Those that do measure social media ROI (half of them) find online marketing more effective than traditional (and I’m guessing online – encompasses social)

That’s your stats for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ve got a couple more interesting posts lined up. So come back tomorrow for more.

And, the only thing I’d add is – whether you’re a B2B or B2C firm, NEVER start with the tools in mind. Always, start with goals and ROI. Here’s a post I wrote on the very same topic when corporate blogging was all the rage among companies.

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