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Why I moved to Toronto

This is surreal.

Just last week, I was chilling on a sailboat with my friends in San Francisco. And, here I am writing this post from a hotel room in Toronto, the culmination of a week of hectic activities that’s been months in the making.

My LinkedIn story, continues…

I’m stoked at the continuation of a super-exciting journey I began at LinkedIn close to 4 years ago (here’s a video Jeremiah took when I just started out here), and boy, what an awesome roller coaster it’s been. The opportunity to work with some of my favorite social media peeps in the world, a mentor from whom I’ve learnt a ton, a CEO who truly gets social media, some really smart, funny, entertaining, colleagues, and a chance to change the way our users and companies perceive and use LinkedIn.

But, I digress… So, what am I doing in Toronto at LinkedIn’s Canada office? My role moving forward, will be to take LinkedIn’s social media marketing efforts global. Toronto, is the central hub from where I can work with our global teams at creating a new paradigm for our marketing and PR efforts across the globe.

Moving forward, my focus areas at LinkedIn:

1. Global blog editor of the LinkedIn blog

  • When we started the LinkedIn blog, our primary goal was to not just create the source of information around LinkedIn but more importantly to create a dialogue between the folks behind LinkedIn (product, engineering, design, developers, etc.) and our users. Since then we’ve had over 80 contributing bloggers from within the company and over 8000 conversations.
  • The goal now is to tailor this information to users in different parts of the world as well as craft content that’s more in tune with users in different countries. For starters, we’ve LinkedIn in 6 different languages, and half of our users are from outside of the US. So, that’s a starting point, right there.

2. Localization of social media strategy globally

  • As my good friends Lionel Menchaca and Jeremiah Owyang say repeatedly, you always find where your users are and engage with them on their platforms of choice. We’re currently engaging with our users on multiple channels including LinkedIn (of course), Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.
  • The next goal would be to create a comprehensive strategy around content and engagement on these different platforms, whether it be better integration of social with our blog or better routing of this feedback with customer service (for e.g.). Jeremiah just hinted at how 2011 is going to be the year of the social corporate website and I’m sure corporate blogs will be no exception to this development.

3. Working with companies on how-to do LinkedIn right

  • Increasingly, I’ve been having conversations with my social media peers at different companies – Tom Hoehn (Kodak), Esteban Contreras (Samsung), James Musick (Genentech) for e.g. – to share LinkedIn and social media best practices. Something I’ll continue to share these with you on this blog.

And, now with Shannon Stubo leading our PR team back in HQ, the ever dependable Krista Canfield – my colleague, friend and “shoe fanatic” (it’s true), and some new additions to our team, it’s the right time to take this program global and I’m excited that I get to do that from a city as vibrant as Toronto.

So, if you’re a professional in – Marketing, PR, HR or Customer Service – come back to the blog for more information on topics like: business blogging, ceo communication, employee engagement, linkedin tips and more.

And, if you or your team is responsible for social media in your small business or corporation, I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment or @mariosundar me.

Wanna follow my adventures in Toronto – find me on Twitter? Want to learn more about social media and corporations, subscribe to my blog.

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21 Responses

  1. Don Martelli says:


    Congrats on the move, which makes total sense in terms of pushing LinkedIn’s social vision global. Looking forward to following the journey.


  2. Krishna De says:

    Mario – good luck with the move and I look forward to hearing of what insights you uncover when moving forward globally in your role. If you ever get to Ireland where you now have a team located do let me know as it would be great to meet up.

    Best wishes



    • Mario Sundar says:

      @Krishna De,

      Of course, I’ll be sharing them from this blog. In addition, if I make that Ireland trip, will be sure to ping you.

      Thanks for the best wishes.


  3. Allan Hoving says:

    Good luck in Toronto, Mario, let us know when you’re popping down to NYC.


  4. Kenekaplan says:

    Congratulations and best wishes, Mario. Toranto is beautiful and fun, and much closer to Italy!!! Enjoy!


  5. Paul says:

    Best of luck Mario!


  6. charmaine says:

    Welcome to Toronto! I’m happy that you’ve come to our fair city, best of luck. There are many business here that need to understand the power of social media and business and especially the incredible value of LinkedIn.


  7. Mario,
    Congrats for the move and good luck with your new challenge. Regards from little Belgium.
    : )


    • Mario Sundar says:

      Thanks, Luc! Will you be at Le Web this year?

      Aaah… definitely hear rave reviews about the new Air. I dumped my old one since it just wasn’t fast enough, but maybe things have changed?


  8. Mike Miller says:

    Mario, best of luck in Toronto, it’s a great city! I really liked the underground (literally) in the city, very handy in the winter.

    BTW, after admiring your MacBook Air from afar I finally broke down and got one of the new ones. If you haven’t yet, you need to get LI to spring for a new one; they’re loads better than the old ones.


  9. Adam Nash says:

    Very excited about the new role, although I maintain you could have done this just as easily from the Sydney office… 😉



  10. Kay says:

    Good times and good memories, Mario. I’m expecting more big things from you, including convincing Arrington to launch


  11. Joe Denzel says:

    Congratulations on the move and the new opportunity! Toronto is an amazing city–I am sure you will enjoy. Just don’t become a Maple Leafs fan, haha.


  12. Hi Mario,
    I might go to Le Web, not sure yet. Are you? : )


  13. Deal! Absolutely! I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know for sure. : )


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