Get the latest version of LinkedIn’s iPhone app 1.5

I’ve stopped carrying business cards to networking events and conferences cos I can connect with folks when I meet with them, thanks to LinkedIn’s iPhone app. The easiest way to do that was to find out their email and shoot them an invite through the app, but now we just launched v1.5 of the iPhone app that additionally allows you to navigate your Inbox (both messages and invites) on the iPhone when you’re on the go.

What’s New?

A far more robust Inbox pane that allows you to receive and send both invitations and messages. Here’s how it looks.

LinkedIn iPhone app v1.5 Invitations screen

Clicking through a message is similarly gonna allow you to either reply to the individual, reply to all if it’s a group thread or archive the message. BTW, I scrubbed out the message contents in both the above and below screens for obvious reasons.

LinkedIn iPhone app v1.5 Message screen

So, a quick summary of what you can do with LinkedIn’s iPhone app, besides the latest enhancement:

1. Browse Network Updates

2. Search the connections you have and search by keywords (associating the name to a picture definitely helps)

3. Update Status

Got iPhone? Here’s the download link for LinkedIn v1.5 on the iPhone.


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  1. Opinion Deviche

    nice page, it is very similar to the subject i’m dealing with at my space. keep up the good job… devi,

  2. Niall Harbison

    Looks good and must give this a go. I had been looking at maybe using something like bump to shake phones when you meet somebody but the big issue is that so few people outside tech and marketing circles have iPhones here in Europe. I am 100% over the whole idea of carrying around business cards and adding them at a later date, so annoying!

  3. Mario Sundar


    Thanks for commenting.

    I centralize all my business contacts on LinkedIn, so I’ve not had a need for a more robust contacts client on my iPhone. I can see how your service could solve a business problem for those who dabble with different devices / social networks, etc.

    BTW, what contact information do you sync for Twitter?

  4. Chris Hopkinson

    Glad to hear you’ve stopped carrying business cards. Have you checked out the DubMeNow app You can exchange full contact info (email, phone, address, Facebook, Twitter & send a LinkedIn invite) all from your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile.

    Chris Hopkinson

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