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5 must-read articles on recession proofing your job/career

Not a great start to the week. Apparently, Yahoo! will be letting go ~1500 employees this Wed. Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in the articles that describe how to cope with such a situation. Here are five must-read articles on dealing with layoffs (hat tip: Lifehacker for the first two articles below).

  1. Web Worker Daily – 5 ways to recession proof your career
  2. Brazen Careerist – Maybe there’ll be a recession. Here’s what to do, just in case
  3. Get Rich Slowly – Living with and learning from layoffs
  4. Moolanomy – Recession proof your job: 4 ways to avoid the pink slip
  5. Harvard Business – Recession proof yourself: 4 tips for twenty-somethings

Also, do yourself a favor and subscribe to any or all of the above blogs (links above) since they continue publishing tips on dealing with the  economic nightmare we find ourselves in. And, count yourself lucky, if your current job is one of the following ten.

Feel free to share any other articles on this topic that may be of help to our readers.

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