Speaking at Web Video Leadership Forum

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Looks like we’re already in the middle of a very busy week.

Today, I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Web Video Leadership Forum at San Francisco State University. The topics we intend discussing (see below) will include areas that I’m sure readers of this blog will find interesting.

My fellow panelists include:

Moderator: Robb Miller, Vice President of Sales, Western US Region, The FeedRoom

Dan Ambrosi, Partner, Ambrosi Consulting

Todd Grossman, Vice President, Sales and Client Services, MultiVu

Jill Tanner, Executive Producer, Corporate Video Program, Hewlett Packard

BTW, I can’t help but offer some unsolicited LinkedIn advice: Whenever you attend events or speak at conferences, do a LinkedIn People Search to learn more about your fellow attendees/panelists/speakers. You can learn more about LinkedIn’s new search in my earlier post here.

Topics we’ll discuss on the panel tomorrow include:

– How are leading organizations using web video to achieve branding and communications objectives?

– How can video be deployed in my organization in a way that is cost-effective and least disruptive to your network and infrastructure?

– What changes/evolutions can I expect to see over the next 6, 12, 18 months?

If you’ve any questions along those lines, leave a comment

In the meanwhile check out LinkedIn’s social video content on YouTube and/or Vimeo.

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