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Parlez Vous LinkedIn en Français?

Do you speak LinkedIn in French? Not bad, it was just time to dust off my French that I learned during high-school to write a title for today’s blog post. Of course, it had to do with us, at LinkedIn, launching the French version of our site. The Spanish version is already live on our site and both versions can be easily accessed from the top right hand of our site header.

Making the LinkedIn en Français video demo

This time, Rob and I, wanted to create a video uniquely distinct from the recent app videos we created, the user videos but also different from the Spanish welcome video we created. We featured Sunil, product manager behind the international launch as well as Reid, our co-founder.

Of course, the central person in the video had to be Jean-Luc, another co-founder and probably the only person in the video who speaks French, the way it’s meant to be spoken. Enjoy!

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  1. Herve Kabla says:

    Bravo Mario, il etait grand temps que LinkedIn passe a la langue de Moliere et de Verlaine. Je suis certain qu’avec le temps, de nouvelles langues seront également supportées. A quand un LinkedIn en hebreu (hebrew)?


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