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2 BIG Reasons to use LinkedIn’s New Search

So, I’ve been using LinkedIn’s new search functionality for a few weeks and I love it. Today, my colleague, Esteban blogged about it (includes a video demo as well). But, if I were to capture two simple reasons I love the new search, it’d be (a) customization and (b) saved searches. Read on.

1. Customization

Allows you to customize your people search results by 11 fields ranging from “In Common” connections to “Groups” and “Recommendations”.

Customization for LinkedIn's New Search

Customization for LinkedIn's New Search

2. Saved searches

Now you can save specific people searches and be notified when there are updates via email (either on a weekly or monthly basis). Love it!

LinkedIn's new Saved Search functionality

LinkedIn's new Persistent Search


Want to check out the entire suite of functionality. Watch Esteban’s demo.

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7 Responses

  1. Dave McClure says:

    cool new stuff.

    however, i’d suggest feature education via screenshot is probably easier in slides than video… (and i say that not just because i’m an investor in SlideShare 😉


  2. Dave McClure says:

    also, you folks buried the lede on the saved searches via email.


  3. Tom Kelly says:

    This is extremely handy when you are meeting with a new prospect for the first time. You can do research to find out about them before meeting.

    Tom Kelly
    CRM Review


  4. Mario Sundar says:

    Hey Dave,

    We always use the following combination for important product announcements:

    1. blog post (with screen shots and video)
    2. product feature education

    The reason we use video is for the human element. Shining the spotlight on the engineers and/or product managers behind the features and getting them to talk directly to the users.

    On the flipside, having different individuals on camera means you lose some control from a duration perspective since you’ve to go with their pace.

    BTW, thanks for your comments.


  5. Mario Sundar says:


    Agreed. It makes it a breeze to find folks within your network and customization makes it easy to pull up names before an interview or meeting a prospective client.

    Also, in such situations, LinkedIn Mobile can be extremely helpful too. I, personally, prefer my LinkedIn iPhone app but you can access from any mobile device.


  6. […] BTW, I can’t help but offer some unsolicited LinkedIn advice: Whenever you attend events or speak at conferences, do a LinkedIn People Search to learn more about your fellow attendees/panelists/speakers. You can learn more about LinkedIn’s new search in my earlier post here. […]


  7. […] new features (Hat tip, @adamnash) that is now a mainstay of professional networking whether it was People Search, the world’s first application platform for professionals, game-changing smart features like […]


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