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RTM is the best task manager ever. Period.

The secret to Remember the Milk (RTM)’s extreme effectiveness as a task manager is its ability to be wherever you are on the web. Gmail. Check. Firefox. Check. iPhone. Check. All three places I absolutely need a task manager on. Most recently, RTM released their native iPhone app and they just nailed it!

Lifehacker does a comparison of five online task managers, but my $0.02 based on my experience using RTM is that it is incomparable. Here are some features of their newly released iPhone app:

  • Pricing: Free to download, but access requires $25/year Pro account (which also grants access to Windows Mobile/Blackberry app).
  • Task options: Multiple lists, priorities, due dates, tags, repeating tasks, time estimates, location, URL, and notes.
  • Organization: Today/Tomorrow/This Week lists, a multi-list view, and sorting by tags or location.
  • Other features:Can use location awareness to find tasks closest to you; search function; home screen icon updates with tasks due today.
  • Web syncing?: Yes.

But truly, the killer feature of RTM’s native iPhone app is that it allows you to update your lists even when you’re not on Wi-fi and it’d be synced up once connected to the web. Priceless!

iPhones native Remember the Milk App

iPhone's native Remember the Milk App

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