Friendfeed’s IM & Twitter Broadcast works great

Twitter and Friendfeed may be a waste of time if not used in a disciplined manner. But one thing’s for sure, Friendfeed is giving users a slew of reasons to try it out. They have been relentless in their ability to churn out feature after feature that’s user focused.

Today, they launched the ability to channel your Friendfeed updates via IM.

Friendfeed on IM
Friendfeed on IM

It initially seemed like an interesting idea to me, but very soon I was overwhelmed with the updates and turned it off 🙂 However, I’m sure there are others who have a “Need for Feeds”. I also realize that this may be put to better use if you prune your list of friends on Frienfeed and choose to receive updates only from them.

The other feature on Friendfeed I’ve begun using is the ability to broadcast specific updates to Twitter. I know. Pretty cool, eh? In addition to broadcasting what you do on Friendfeed, they also allow you to funnel other status updates from a slew of services like (Pandora, upcoming, YouTube, etc…) to Twitter.

I love the ability to select which of these features you can auto-tweet about on a regular basis. Nifty.

Twitter updates via Friendfeed
Twitter updates via Friendfeed

If you’re on friendfeed, update your settings here.

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