LinkedIn just got even more productive

Phew! These past few weeks has been such a roller coaster ride, both at work and home. At work, we announced the launch of ten productivity apps on LinkedIn. The apps launch gave me yet another opportunity to work with good friend and colleague, Rob Getzschman, on a series of educational demos on the apps.

We took our learnings from previous ventures and put together (what’s in my opinion), an extremely effective set of educational demos. For e.g. here’s the overview piece that shows the app partners we launched with.

This was definitely the most complex shooting schedule we pulled off with over 10 shoots on 2 days, followed by an intense post-production schedule where Rob churned out the 10 demos that you can now find here.

Expect a post shortly on best practices for creating educational demos on tech products – in a YouTube world. If you lived under a rock and haven’t installed any of these apps yet, go ahead and do so now.

Install your favorite LinkedIn App/s now

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  1. Garritt Hampton

    I am really excited about the WordPress and Blog Link applications. I am using both. I use the WordPress application to display the RSS feed from my business site, and I use the Blog Link application to display content from my personal blog. I love the social aspect of the Blog link application. As soon as I set it up, I discovered blog content from some of my contacts. This is a great feature. I look forward to trying more of the applications in the future, and can’t wait to see what types of new apps get added.

  2. nitinpai


    I have seen the applications and have added a few but I would like to suggest you on the Reading List application.

    Currently my reading lists are already available in popular applications like Shelfari and Facebook apps. Can something be done to import these lists and automatically update them in Linkedin. It’s a pain to keep the lists all around separately.

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