Apple’s anonymous blogger tells all?

Oh, Apple! As a complete lover of all things Apple and a (once) frustrated MobileMe user, I’ve agonized over the MobileMe saga which started with their lame attempt at corporate blogging, continued with the MobileMe’s terrible performance, my personal experience using MobileMe and ended when they prematurely closed the “corporate blog” and redirected all questions to their forum – not a bad idea.

A couple of days ago, Dan Lyons (a.k.a FSJ) penned this post on a more recent post (ostensibly from an Apple employee) titled “Why we fail and (will continue to fail)“. Dan writes:

A deep source at Apple assures me that this blogger is indeed a MobileMe person, and the big failure she’s talking about is the MobileMe launch, though she never actually says so in her blog. It’s worth noting that she’s not really apologizing for MobileMe’s suckage. Instead, she’s saying that fuck-ups are the nature of corporate America. Also worth noting is the headline: “Why we fail (and will continue to fail).” That’s not exactly confidence-inspiring. Money quote: “The predictable fallout ensued, with a dressing down by our CEO, followed by the usual finger pointing and finally ending in removal/demotion of some members of the senior management team. ”

hmm… interesting…

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