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The 10 Commandments of Digital Etiquette

The fine folks over at GQ list their 66 rules, tips and secrets for living like a 21st century gentleman. Some of these gadget and social networking etiquette tips I follow, while others I’m working on.

Definitely worth a read (after the jump).

GQs guide to gadget and social networking etiquette

GQ's guide to gadget and social networking etiquette

Plus, this cannot be found on their website as well. So, consider this an exclusive. Here goes:


#1. Don’t check your phone when you’re in a social setting: I’d add even in a professional setting such as a meeting. I check my emails during the weekend and I’m beginning to feel it’s not a great idea. I’d recommend staying away from emails at least on the Sabbath!

#2 and #3. If checking email is imperative in a social setting; Ask. If you absolutely must check email at the table, ask those dining with you if it’s cool and that you’re expecting an important message. Else, wait until you go to the bathroom to check email.

#4. Vibrate mood. When in company, don’t allow your phone to ring, rather set it in vibrate mode.

#5. Avoid indiscriminate emails. Always think twice before you send out those group emails. I’ve broken this rule, but I’m ever more careful when I send out emails these days. Are you?


#6. Don’t post photos of your friends that they wouldn’t post. Always ask before you do.

#7. Don’t tag your friends’ photos without permission.

Tag no one who hasn’t signed off on the tagging

#8. In general, someone should be your friend before they’re your “friend”. I try to follow this rule and also try pruning your “friend” list ever so often. But there’s always room for improvement.

#9. Choose your “friends” carefully.

Rather than lash out every time someone tries to poke or zombie bite you, just say you’re not interested in (dumb-a#$) apps in your profile. Then delete them from your friends list.

#10. Not everything that happens to you is blog worthy! Point taken. I’d actually extend that rule to tweets or posted items on your favorite social networking site.

How many of these rules do you follow? And, which one’s don’t you follow? Leave a comment.

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  1. […] So, I was excited when GQ took the time to list 66 rules, tips and secrets for living like a gentlemen in the 21st century. Less excited when it wasn’t on their website. Fortunately, Mario Sundar posted their tips – an exclusive here. […]


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