Blog World Expo 2008 coverage

I thought I’ll blog a few words as I wait here at SFO for my flight to Vegas for Blog World Expo (which starts tomorrow).

As I’ve said earlier, I hate carrying my laptop around at conferences but would still like to review the panels I attend. (see my post yesterday for the panels I plan on attending).

So, as an experiment I’ve decided to engage in some form of iPhone blogging via the WordPress app, as I’m doing right now.

The cons include a complete lack of proper editing tools and an inability to hyperlink, but I’m willing to ignore that for the immediacy of blogging at the conference. So, I plan on giving it a try. Also, watch out for weird spelling errors that may creep in owing to the iPhone keyboard (which works impeccably most of the time).

Looks like it’s time to board the flight. See you in Vegas as I provide a ringside view of Blog World Expo 2008, as a panelist, moderator and attendee.

And, one more thing: don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Just search for “mariosundar”.

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