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Blog World Expo 2008: Corporate Blogging Myths and Reality

Just wrapped up my first panel discussion with Paula Berg, Southwest Airlines, moderated by Chris Baggot. What I loved about the panel was the level of Q&A interactivity that permeated the entire session – from start to finish.

Some of the key topics we touched upon were related to the motivation behind corporate blogs – goals, strategy, tactics, implementation and ROI.

Most of the questions we got asked are questions I get asked all the time when I speak at events and have addressed on this blog in the past:

For e.g.

1. Why should my company start a corporate blog?
2. Why should a CEO blog when he has more important things to do?
3. What about privacy laws?
4. What about the argument that corporate bloging is but a trend?


Once I’ve access to a laptop and wireles connectivity (moving from the Marriot to Hilton later today since I currently don’t have Internet access there), I’ll probably link to posts from the past that address the above questions.

I’m currently heading to the luncheon keynote with Guy Kawasaki and Steve Rubel. Should be fun.

Feel free to throw in questions you may have on the above topics. I’m currently blogging this from an iPhone – on the WordPress app.

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5 Responses

  1. frank says:

    Mario …

    Sounds like an interesting time of QA … i’m definitly interested in the links to previous posts talking about this.

    we are getting ready to launch a blog where i work. company of ~2000 …

    I’ve been reading a lot about things … but still looking for more.


  2. Debbie Weil says:

    Sooo sorry not to be there and to hear all the Qs and the As from the panel. Quite a lot of interest in blogging and social media here at the Inc. 5000 conference.


  3. Great meeting you and sharing the panel Mario. I think the highlight for me was Paula’s remark about less hissing 🙂

    Keep up the great work,

    Chris Baggott
    Compendium Blogware


  4. […] blogged about the 2 panels I participated in at Blog World Expo 2008 (here’s the one I was a panelist in and here’s the one I moderated). Thought you’d be interested in checking out some of […]


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