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Why do you love corporate blogs? Or, do you?

Mashable says: “Liking a corporate blog is not an easy task, what with all the “propaganda”. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned editing LinkedIn’s blog is that there’s a ton of useful information that every company can share with their users through a blog, chief among which are breaking news on feature updates, how users use the product and a sense for the work culture at the company. But, I digress.

Despite the opening salvo on the boringness of corporate blogs, Don still loves corporate blogs. Here’s why:

1. Humanize companies –

they provide a human element to something that is devoid of emotion, understanding, and personality.

A good corporate blog should showcase the people behind the company and its products, exploring their personality and enabling readers to connect with them on a personal level. Exactly, why I agree with Hugh Macleod’s Porous Membrane concept.

2. Feedback –

they’re the easiest way to file a complaint and tell more than a recording or a customer service agent that something is wrong.

Corporate blogs were started to enable true conversation between companies and users. However, not all corporate blogs have enabled comments (think Google, Apple, etc…). Leaving comments on an appropriate feature post is a good way to provide feedback and draw attention to the issue at hand, but more importantly filing a complaint with customer service is a necessary next step. Check out LinkedIn’s Customer Service Site.

Don also gives some examples of corporate blogs he admires like Google (#1 on our most recent Top 15 list), Zillow, Garmin and Twitter which shook up the Top 15 rankings. Find out more here. Don, any more corporate blogs to add to our rankings?

So, why do you love corporate blogs? Or, do you?

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