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Top 15 Corporate Blogs (Sept 2008) Shake-up!

Regular readers of this blog know about the feature post that chronicles the ebb and flow of corporate blog rankings (check here and here) that I’ve been maintaining this past year. I currently rank over 125 corporate blogs, most of them culled from the New PR Wiki. Unfortunately, I realize that the New PR Wiki is not current and so I’ve started throwing in more recent corporate blogs.

As I added a couple more blogs from a recent post from Mashable, I realized they shook up the steady rankings of the Top 15, by jumping in at #2 and 4, moving Delta and Kodak out of the rankings for now. Here’s the updated Top 15 Corporate blogs list. If you’d like to help maintain the corporate blog rankings, please leave a comment.

15 Most Popular Corporate Blogs (Technorati ranked) – September 2008 (Updated)

#15. Lenovo – Authority: 123

#14. Marriott – Authority: 135

#13. Mint – Authority: 142

#12. Flickr – Authority: 242

#11. General Motors – Authority: 282

#10. Southwest Airlines – Authority: 284

#9. LinkedIn – Authority: 551

#8. Yahoo! – Authority: 601

#7. Dell – Authority: 569

#6. Facebook – Authority: 779

#5. Yahoo! Search – Authority: 1145

#4. Zillow – Authority: 1230 (NEW)

#3. Adobe – Authority: 1951

#2. Twitter – Authority: 5067 (NEW)

#1. Google – Authority: 10245

New PR Wiki, Josh Catone’s list of companies that get corporate blogging, Mashable.

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2 Responses

  1. I’d be remiss, of course if I left out the Technorati Weblog.

    Authority: 342 putting it at #10, assuming you include Jonathan Schwartz’s blog per my earlier comment.

    Actually, I’m sure there are lots of other corporate blogs. Perhaps you could post about your definition of a corporate blog. For instance, Flickr is not a corporation, but a part of Yahoo!, so I’m curious why it makes the list.


  2. Robin Grant says:

    Hey Mario – you’re missing Skype’s main blog (, which on the day I posted this comment, had an authority of 237, which would put it in 13th place in this list…


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