Top 15 Corporate Blogs (Ranked – Sept 2008)

Quick Update: There’s been a small revision in the Top 15 – Sept 08. After I published the post, I was left wondering how Yahoo!, one of the pioneers in this space, didn’t find itself in the Top 15. The culprit – a URL change! My friend, Nicki Dugan, wrote in saying:

We’re now tracked under, which appears to have a 601 Technorati ranking (and that’s only been earned since we made the URL change in January and doesn’t include previous rankings since August 2006).

I’ve made the change in the countdown, Nicki. Yahoo!’s blog now shows up at #6, moving the LinkedIn Blog down to #7. I’m glad we remedied the situation since Yahoo! has been one of the pioneers in the corporate blogging space along with Dell – thanks to Nicki & team.

It’s time for another edition of Top 15 Corporate Blogs, and you’re in for a few surprises. I was glad to find that our most recent ranking (May 08) now finds mention in the Wikipedia entry on Corporate Blogging.

What’s different?
There seems to be a slight rearrangement in 12 of the 15 blogs you saw in the May 08 rankings. We also find four new corporate blogs have crept up the charts – Southwest Airlines, Marriott, Lenovo and the Mint blog. And, for some reason Digg (Editor – Jen Burton) seems to have fallen off of Technorati’s radar.

Interestingly, I’ll be on 2 panels at Blog World Expo 2008 (Sept 19 – 21) with 6 of these 15 bloggers. But, I digress… let’s get started. I give you, the Top 15 corporate blogs as of September 2008 (after the jump).

Top 15 Corporate Blogs
Marketing Nirvana's Top 15 Corporate Blogs

15 Most Popular Corporate Blogs (Technorati ranked) – September 2008

#15. Delta – Authority: 109 (Down from #12)

#14. Kodak – Authority: 120 (Down from #13)

#13. Lenovo – Authority: 123 (New)

#12. Marriott – Authority: 135 (New)

#11. Mint – Authority: 142 (New)

#10. Flickr – Authority: 242 (Down from #3)

#9. General Motors – Authority: 282 (Up from #10)

#8. Southwest Airlines – Authority: 284 (New)

#7. LinkedIn – Authority: 551 (Up from #8)

#6. Yahoo! – Authority: 601 (Up from #11)

#5. Dell – Authority: 569 (Up from #6)

#4. Facebook – Authority: 779 (Same)

#3. Yahoo! Search – Authority: 1145 (Up from #5)

#2. Adobe – Authority: 1951 (Same)

#1. Google – Authority: 10245 (Same)

New PR Wiki and Josh Catone’s list of companies that get corporate blogging.

Moving forward, I’d like to consolidate Debbie Weil’s list of 67 Big Brand corporate blogs, many of whom find mention in the master list of 121 blogs that yield the Top 15.

Methodology. I’m using Technorati authority to help navigate the corporate blogosphere terrain. This term made most sense to rank corporate blogs for 2 reasons.

1. Popularity

“It is the # of blogs linking to a website in the last 6 months. The higher the number, the more authority the blog has”.

Not only does that give a clear indication of the popularity, it also provides context for this rank in the past 6 months. You’ll be surprised at the number of dead blogs in the list, since the last ranking.

2. It’s the number of blogs linking to you vs. total number of links

It is important to note that we measure the number of blogs that link to the corporate blog, rather than the total number of incoming links. So, if blog A links to your blog many times, it still only count as +1 toward your authority. Of course, new links mean the +1 will last another 180 days

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