Top 3 Corporate Blogs in India

We’re nearing my quarterly review of the Top 15 Corporate Blogs (Ranked last in May 2008). Before we get to the September ranking (a week from now) I thought I’d focus this week’s start on Indian companies’ foray into corporate blogging. This recent article in an Indian newspaper confirmed that belief. Here’s a brief synopsis:

1. Corporate Blogging has slowly but surely made it’s presence in India felt, esp. over the past 3 years:

Corporate blogging has marked its presence in India only from 2005. The pace is much slower in India when compared to that in any other country; however it is growing fast.

2. Smaller companies are seeing corporate blogs as a necessary marketing communications tool as they grow to encompass other countries. For e.g.

Narendra Barhate, managing director and CEO of city-based Seed Infotech, said, “We will launch our corporate blog in two months. Once we started to expand we realised the need for a corporate blog. Recently we expanded our business to China and corporate blogs are the need of the hour.”

3. Indian companies from tech superstars to startups are using corporate blogs as “a cost-effective method to reach out to their clients and also for brand building.”

Here’s a sampling of corporate blogs from some of India’s Tech Superstars. For readers of this blog, I’ve also linked to the Wikipedia page of these companies:

1. Infosys (check blog here)

2. TCS (check blog here)

4. HCL Technologies (check out CEO Vineet’s blog here)

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the corporate blogs of other companies mentioned in the article like IBM India nor Wipro. The above three blogs themselves have a long way to go as far as pursuing best practices in corporate blogging.

It’ll be interesting to see if any corporate blogger in the burgeoning India market would be interested in ranking corporate blogs in India similar to the Corporate Blog rankings I maintain.

Thoughts. Let me know.

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  1. Bharath kumar


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    Thanks & regards
    Bharath kumar,

  2. Corporate Social Media in India | Screensumer by Santosh Maharshi

    […] Mario Sundar, […]

  3. Mario Sundar

    Ping me with any questions. Good luck with your research!

  4. Shivaji Dhawad

    Hello Sir,
    Enjoyed your blog. I am starter into blogs. doing a research work on CRM through BLOGS. Hope to get some guidance from you.


  5. anurag

    i am a business administration student and doing a project on customer engagement in india. i would like to know which are the indian companies believes engaging the customer in their brand, company, word of mouth communication through blogs and communities.


  6. shwetha

    Hi i am a media student and im doing a study on corporate blogging in india. I would like to know: which are the indian corporates who effectively blog? which corporates have their employees regularly blogging(other than top management and the CEO). Most importantly i wish to know if corporate blogging act as an effective tool in redressing employee greivances. can someone please help me out with this?

  7. venkat


    The TCS blog link you have provided is not the corporate TCS, instead it belongs to some organisation called – Taking Children Seriously.

    After some googline, I couldnt figure out if TCS has any blog.

    Am little confused, can you throw some light?

  8. India forum

    Very very surprising. I never knew that even corporate companies had their blog site. This is something really unusual for me as i always thought that blogging is just for fun. If at all i can start blogging, i will find myself lucky.


  9. Sushil Salve

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for qouting views of SEED Infotech’s MD & CEO in your Blog.
    I hope to see your good work and support towards Corporate Blogs in India. And would also like to see your survery for Top 10 corporate blogs of India too if possible.

    I have started commenting on Blogs now and very soon want to start Blogging myself.

    Sushil Salve

  10. Priyanka

    Hi Mario,

    Other than the Indian Corporate Blogs you mentioned in this post are
    * Tata Interactive System (
    * Frito Lays(
    * Mahindra & Mahindra which you have mentioned before in a post.

    There are quite a few discussions about Indian Corporate Blogs and these are the ones that keep popping up however as yet I dont think anyone has made a top ten list. And frankly many of these blogs are updated so late that I think corp blogging is still at a very experimental stage in India. Though there is potential for that to change in a jiffy. :p

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