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Top 10 posts on Corporate Blogging

I agree with the Matt (Blog Herald) when he says that the Washington Post must have been living under a rock to have stumbled upon Corporate Blogging years after its being institutionalized in corporate America. It’s also over a year since my Top 10 CEO blog post, which featured Calacanis’ blog.

In a recent article called “Marketing goes to the Blogosphere“, Sarah Halzack writes:

Calacanis blogged to start conversations and be a part of a virtual community, but corporate bloggers are in it for other reasons: talking directly to customers or giving a personal touch to a big business.

The article is a case study on Honest Tea and Marriot’s blog, both of which haven’t yet found a place in my Top 15 Corporate Blog rankings. And, Sarah, quotes my good friend Debbie Weil with whom I’ll be speaking at Blog World Expo (September 19) – More on that later. Debbie describes the oft asked question on ROI of corporate blogging:

I think that the really important thing about using a blog as a business strategy is that usually you cannot connect the dots directly from blogs to revenue

There have been efforts in the past (in particular from Charlene Li at Forrester) that helps calculate the ROI of Corporate Blogging (go here and here). Since this is a much blogged about topic in the past, let me leave you with my Top 10 thoughts on related topics in a trip down memory lane.

Don’t forget to check out this quarter’s edition of Top 15 Corporate blogs a week from now, right here on Marketing Nirvana. (Subscribe)

Here’s a list of my Top 10 Blog Posts on Corporate blogging over the years:

#10. Top 15 Corporate Blogs – Ranked by Technorati – May 2008

#9. 5 Types of Corporate Blogs with examples – May 2008

#8. 5 Best Practices on Corporate Blogging – April 2008

#7. Future of Corporate Blogging – My panel discussion at SXSW 2008 – Mar 2008

#6. Let me clarify: Should CEOs blog? – July 2007

#5. Corporate Blogging ROI: What’s easy, what’s not? – Mar 2007

#4. Corporate Blogging ROI: Now we’re talking! – Feb 2007

#3. 3 Must have resources on Corporate Blogging – Nov 2006

#2. Why is Corporate Blogging Important? – Oct 2006

#1. Top 10 CEO Blogs – July 2006; the one that started it all!

…And, so many more

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10 Responses

  1. Mario,

    Let’s cut the WaPo some slack. The reporter was writing about corporate blogs from a local perspective – i.e. focusing on East Coast and Virginia-area firms and companies.

    I think it was a good article. I wouldn’t have necessarily made Jason the focus, but I thought it presented a nice overview of what can be done by businesses of all sizes – SMB to corporate.

    I am a Blog Council employee and this is my personal opinion.


  2. […] you settle on how that blog fits your strategy, read this post from Mario Sundar on corporate blogging. It has a bunch of links to other resources, blogs and best practices posts. […]


  3. Nicholas says:

    I have a website, that has everything about blogging, and I thought everyone should know. The other website,, is about business finance and personal finance. Please comment about the websites. Thanks.


  4. Mario Sundar says:


    I assume that tech companies are very early adopters when it comes to corporate blogging. But, I’m not sure there’s an East Coast/West Coast divide though?


  5. best says:

    Thats right.


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  7. best says:

    I feel the same.


  8. […] 还有更多的列表(这里和这里)。 […]


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