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Rating Corporate Blogs. Plus, my blog pick for the week!

Not another corporate blog pick. I hear you say. But, I wouldn’t have gone down this path, if not for Web Worker Daily’s post on how company blogs can provide big insights. He then goes on to provide a list of criteria for evaluating the efficiency of corporate blogs and I couldn’t help measure the LinkedIn Blog (which I edit) against it.

A good company blog lets us know about new features, gives us tutorials and tips, and presents us with useful information related to their product or service. It gives us a glimpse into what they do and often why they do it. It also makes my experience more personal by giving me names and faces to associate with the company.

Breaking News on new features. Check. User Tips. Check. Names and Faces associated with the company. Check. Actually 50 of my colleagues have blogged on the LinkedIn blog. In addition, we even share user stories on how they have benefited from LinkedIn. Check. Well, enough about us.

As someone immersed in the corporate blogging space I check out different business blogs and their editors, and one of the blogs I’ve been impressed with is Mint’s. Check out the blog here.

3 Reasons I like it:

1. Universal Theme

Whether you’re a Mint user or not. You’ll find their blog a huge help in helping define and refine your personal finance strategies and tactics. Kind of Lifehacker for Personal Finance.

2. Tips

As mentioned above, tips and tricks that readers/users can apply and immediately benefit from, dot Mint’s corporate blog landscape.

Personal Finance Tips from Mints Blog

Personal Finance Tips from Mint's Blog

3. Product education

The most important criteria IMO of a corporate blog’s effectiveness should be how it enhances your usage of the product. I think Mint does a terrific job of explaining universal personal finance concepts yet maintaining a consistent focus on how that translates to your usage of Mint. Nicely done, guys!

Product education through Mints Blog

Product education through Mint's Blog

Looks like Mint’s got a new blog editorLee Sherman. Here’s wishing Lee all the very best!

Any other corporate blog I should know of? Your favorites? Leave a comment.

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