LinkedIn Grows Audience and Engagement – July 2008

Before you continue reading, couple of things to keep in mind: 1. my affiliation with LinkedIn, and 2. the fact that the numbers you see below are – US only. In March 2008, I blogged about LinkedIn’s stupendous growth rate (Nielsen Online) that saw us grow to over 7 million uniques in the US alone.

This past month, our continued growth took our audience numbers past double digit millions for the first time – currently at over 10 million uniques in the US. Equally interesting was engagement growth over 100% YOY. For the record, the audience numbers grew by roughly 154% in the same time period. It was also the 3rd fastest growing social networking site out in the Top 20.

Top 5 Social Networking Sites
Top 5 Social Networking Sites – July 2008 (Source: Nielsen Online via Mashable)

And, let’s not forget that LinkedIn is probably the ONLY professional networking site in that entire list. And, we’re just getting started! Many of you may have noticed the numerous feature releases over at LinkedIn. Stay tuned to our blog for breaking news!

Have you checked out LinkedIn’s Company Directory?

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