HP’s Corporate Blogging Initiatives

If you’re in community marketing or engaged in social media initiatives for your company. Quit reading this post (not really), but at the earliest opportunity go find this book on bookshelves and buy it – Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (Forrester).

Buy Groundswell to learn more about how companies leverage social media successfully
Buy Groundswell to learn more about how companies leverage social media successfully

Why buy Groundswell?

To learn more from gold-standard examples of how companies; big, small and everything in between and furiously leveraging social media to engage with their communities. IMO, the unique case studies is the single biggest reason a marketing manager would want to buy this book or maybe share with their peers and/or skeptical CEO.

An example of that would be HP’s core community team, run by Alison Watterson, who found mention in Groundswell. Here are some interesting tidbits about that team that I gleaned from the post. This is an example that’s applicable to any Fortune 500 company that’s wrestling with social media.

What is HP’s core community team?

It is one of very few truly cross organizational groups that is comprised of  people with Web marketing jobs throughout the company.  This means that everyone in the group participates in addition to our regular  job responsibilities .  Each of us is passionate about social media and often (but not always) are engaged in our individual business units online social activity.

What does this team do?

The group is responsible for reviewing and approving new blogs (not individual blog posts just brand new blogs).  The group also tackles new developments in the social media space.

Read the entire post here

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Does your company blog?

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  1. TYMINSKA Karolina

    Thanks for sharing that! Nice post. I just glanced through it.


  2. Tac Anderson

    Thanks for mentioning the post. And I agree, Groundswell is an absolute must read. The HP examples are only a few in the comprehensive collection this book has to offer.

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