Community Manager Resources (Wiki Page & Twitter IDs)

In the words of our Governator, “I’m baaack” and it feels good. Some of you may have noticed my absence after a few days of inspired non-stop blogging (yep, I blogged like 15 posts in 4-5 days) and then poof! I disappeared. I know it felt a tad disorienting for me. Fear not! It was but a case of super-busyness at work, an off-site meeting, speaking at Stanford, and all round weekend goodness!

Interestingly, my prolific week of blogging yielded the second highest traffic day on my blog just a week ago. So, rest assured, I have the motivation to continue blogging. So, let’s get right on topic here. Some of you may recall a recent post of mine, where I aggregated a list of community managers that I know of and their respective twitter ids. It received quite a ton of feedback and I’d missed some of the more recent comments:

Connie Bensen helps create a resource to maintain the twitter ids of social media managers

Before creating a google doc – what about adding to this (maybe even making a subdivision?) – esp since you want it twitter-centric,+Social+Media

She has also used the list I started with to augment and create a resource for identifying twitter ids of community managers as a component of the above Wiki page.

Ok – I took the liberty of creating a Community Manager Pack on the Twitter wiki. Help spread the word now. The password is ‘project’. I will blog about it too.

Please contribute to the above two resources as well. Wondering what to do with the above two resources on social media and community managers. Here’s how you can help build that community resource while simultaneously benefiting from it:

1. Check out the list of Community Managers here

2. Find the brands you possess and need someone to turn to (for e.g. Comcast)

3. Follow that individual on Twitter.

4. Have a question on the product that you can’t find an answer to, contact the individual on twitter

5. Update the list if you know of a community manager who’s NOT on this list

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  1. Mario Sundar


    You’re welcome.


    Thanks for picking up on my original list of community managers and expanding on it for the benefit of all.

  2. Connie Bensen

    Thanks Mario for helping me spread the word & help connect Community Managers together. Together we can share information & move our emerging profession forward!


  3. Mehmet Yanki Yonel

    Thanks for nice article!

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