Speaking at Stanford on LinkedIn and Blogging!

Tomorrow or today (depending on when you read this), I’ll speaking at a class of Stanford Continuing Studies on “business applications of new social media” conducted by Robin Stavisky (LinkedIn Profile) who also takes an online class on the same subject.

Also, speaking is Justin Smith, Editor of Inside Facebook, a blog you may have read, especially if you’re interested in all things Facebook. (Justin’s LinkedIn Profile)

I’ll be covering a couple of key topics in my presentation:

1. What are the best ways for professionals to use LinkedIn (Tips, Tricks and Demo)

2. History of this blog, how I built my online brand and I’d like to also touch upon some of the corporate blogging initiatives at LinkedIn.

I’d like to thank Robin for the opportunity to converse with a class full of smart professionals. And, I know LinkedIn’s just the perfect ice-breaker! If you’re from the class, reading this post, check out my LinkedIn Profile or take a look at any of these other profiles I maintain.

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  1. Mario Sundar


    Thanks! And, of course, the presentation is on Slideshare as well


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    […] disorienting for me. Fear not! It was but a case of super-busyness at work, an off-site meeting, speaking at Stanford, and all round weekend […]

  3. Shefali

    Hey Mario – great going!
    Hope you experience have been enjoyable..
    People @ Stanford enjoyed your presentation is evident from the comments 🙂
    Why dont you share you presentation via slideshare or your blog?

  4. Mario Sundar


    Thanks a ton! Your class was a very receptive audience. Makes my job easier. Also, thanks to Robin for the opportunity to evangelize LinkedIn.

    As I explained at the class, LinkedIn is probably the single best and (may I add) easiest tool to build your online brand.

    Would love to chat more. Good luck w/ your LinkedIn presence. Feel free to shoot me an email.

  5. Mario Sundar


    Thanks for reading the blog. Your feedback is much appreciated.

    Feel free to ping me with any questions you may have on corporate blogging. I’ll definitely swing by your blog at every given chance.

    Here’s looking forward to many more conversations on “online conversations”! Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well.

  6. Aviva

    D’oh! Did I say proposal? I meant profile! Too many hours infront of the computer… 🙂

  7. Aviva

    Been meaning to tell you, GREAT presentation! I’ve done a complete overhaul of my proposal thanks to you. It’s still not completely “pimped,” but I’m getting there…

    Would still love to do lunch or something to talk further about how Linkedin (and social media in general) can be used for personal branding. Excited about the possibilities for my clients!


  8. dantonic66

    Mario – your blog is a great find. I’ve been personally blogging for 3 years (www.dannation.org) and now am blogger for my company (http://news.tonicgen.com – the blog is two weeks old). Sorry I missed your talk at Stanford – but am located in downtown Palo Alto if you want to grab coffee some day soon. Would love to share stories / learnings with you on growing a blog.

    Tip #1: Mentions of aging celebrities w/o much web presence (e.g. Victoria Principal) leads to TONS of visitors.

    You can reach me at dan@tonicgen.com


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