Which network do you turn to for advice? Social/Professional?

How much do you think your professional network influence your purchasing decisions. How often do you think Americans seek advice from their colleagues at work?


Wow! And, an equally large percentage actually give advice to their friends at work – 96%. Yep, thus says a study by BIGResearch.

I value my professional network’s judgment and one of the  places I’ve turned to for advice has been LinkedIn Answers, where you get to ask your professional network at large or specific individuals within the network their thoughts on a slew of topics. Check out some of the questions I’ve asked in the past.

On choice of health-care provider

On choice of tax-consultant

Purchase of computer software and ensuing issues

I’m continually amazed at the quality of Answers I receive on LinkedIn and that’s because of the quality of connections I’ve in my network and many of them are my colleagues!

Do you trust your colleagues’ inputs on purchase decisions?

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