Top 10 Free iPhone 2.0 Apps

So, many of my friends and over 1000 followers on Twitter must have been barraged by my incessant tweets on how awesome the new iPhone 2.0 Software is. My ecstatic reviews continued today, with my discovery of a couple of really cool semi-intelligent apps (more on that later).

But first, here’s a quick snapshot of my iPhone 2.0 Apps [as of Jul 13, 2008] – all free apps.

I’m going to categorize the apps I downloaded and loved. The only app not in the list below that I run is the Google App, which provides a single dashboard for you to access any Google web app. Plus, it does a great job of searching your iPhone contacts (I wish it’d search my Google Contacts as well).

But, I digress, here are my favorite 9 free apps for the iPhone 2.0, the 10th being the Google app I just mentioned above:

1. Social Networking Apps

  • Facebook – More robust Facebook-iPhone app than the previous one. Includes Chat, a more robust news feed, a status only mini-feed, ability to upload pics taken w/ the iPhone camera, and an address book that complements your iPhone’s Contacts database.
  • Twitteriffic – Love the ability to upload pics to your twitter feed, the way direct messages (blue) and replies to you (brown) are highlighted. Simple and effective. Want more? Pay $9.99.
  • Pandora –  Wonder how I forgot to mention my music favorite, Pandora, which actually is an untapped social network. This app renders your existing Pandora stations on the iPhone in exactly the same format your regular music works. The stations work great over Wi-Fi, but I heard it works on EDGE as well (not as well, though). Definite add-on for Pandora/Music lovers.

2. Location specific Apps

  • Yelp – helps search for restaurant reviews sorted by distance from your location
  • Box Office (deleted this app) but it’s another example of an app that shows you movie theaters/timings/tickets around your location

3. Smart Apps

  • Apple Remote – while my iPhone holds only 8GB of songs when my entire collection is closer to 20GB, this brilliant Apple app allows me to navigate the entire 20GB collection (hitherto not possible) and search for any song/album I like through my iPhone interface. Seriously, this one’s unbelievably cool & utilitarian. Changes your music listening habits (at least within your house).
  • Jott – Impeccable transcription service for voice. Great to-do list creator. But the killer feature is the ability to send this just transcribed text to a slew of services. I’ve added (a) Google Calendar, (b) Remember the Milk Task Management, and (c) Twitter! So, now I can tweet my thoughts without typing it in, just speaking.
  • Evernote – Thanks to OCR, evernote allows you to create tagged notes from pictures, websites and audio. Plus, you can then search through them effortlessly. Imagine taking a picture of a book with the title “America” and then searching for America and finding that image. It works!
  • Shazam – How many times have you listened to a song and gone, “what song is that”. Worry no more? Now, all it takes is for you to extend your iPhone to towards the song and the software pulls up the exact song. You can then purchase it if you’d like. I tried it with three songs and it accurately pulled it up. Very, very cool!

Anyways, this is just the beginning, but I thought you’ll be as fascinated as I am about the future of mobility, productivity and entertainment on the go. Many times, I forget there’s a phone beneath all these cool features.

What is YOUR favorite iPhone 2.0 App? Leave a comment.

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  1. CJ

    haha how can you compare an apple product to a “cheapie” cell phone just because of a simple feature like remote control? thats plain stupidity. its the speed and performance of an apple product and the simple design that make the iphone so amazing.if they would have been on a better network there would be nothing better for the price. it is deffinately an amazing device that no cheaper, and rarely any more expensive device will top.

  2. marc Linden

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  3. allresellerpackage

    hi bro….
    i from malaysia.. last time i just make social networking trick..

    i get software tell invitation by gmail , msn, yahoo,

    that so cool bro…
    and i sell my product by leveraging system…

    that cool bro

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  5. Christopher Wellbelove

    Unfortunately Jott does not seem to be available in the UK 😦

    ref Shazam, I read somewhere that this isn’t really free you just get a free trial period, is this true?

  6. Mario Sundar

    @John Q,

    What are your choices for Top 10 Apps?

  7. john q public

    Nope Habeeb, not even close to the top 10. By your own admission you deleted some of them…..

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  10. Mario Sundar


    Well, you’ve just dashed the dreams of a Mac fanboy 🙂 he he

    Joke apart, what keeps Apple’s product head and shoulders above any of your above comparisons w/ “cheapie cell-phone handsets” is the impeccable user interface.

    Having said that, I’ll have to agree with you that a few countries like the UK or Japan, probably have some of these features you just mentioned.

    However, I can challenge anyone as to the user friendliness of the design interface as it is w/ Apple. Plus, I’m totally biased 🙂

  11. anne

    verizon, yes.

    also, surprised with all the buzz in the states about apple remote.
    for four years now, cheapie cell-phone handsets you can buy in grocery stores in the u.k. have come with standard remote capabilities, albeit through bluetooth technologies. my year-old handset allows me to browse my computer’s media library and play the music/videos from anywhere within my house.

    i think this is why the iphone is not in much demand in the u.k. there are many many cheaper phones which look sleeker, are much smaller and sturdier, and can do a lot of the same.

  12. Mario Sundar


    New to me. But curious; what’s a VZW phone? Verizon?

  13. Dennis

    Every VZW phone has had a program exactly like Shazam for quite some time now. Nothing new.

  14. Mario Sundar


    Shazam really surprised me with its accuracy. The smart apps really are the wave of the future. Try Jott and Evernote. Equally cool.

  15. Adam Darowski

    Last night, I was at a concert and decided to REALLY test Shazam. Between bands, the PA was playing Band of Horses. It nailed it! From the PA! Very impressed.

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