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LinkedIn Groups does Search

…And, so does your Inbox on LinkedIn. I know, I had to hold off on the announcement since I wanted my colleagues – the product managers of the respective features, blog about it on the LinkedIn blog. I’m really glad that we have an internal culture where this dialogue between the product/engineering/design team with the users is both spontaneous and timely.

Anyways, read the two announcements and the accompanying feature screen shots:

Announcing LinkedIn’s Searchable Groups Directory – by Ben Guthrie

Search your LinkedInbox with ease – by Chris Richman

What’s even better is that you can access all this cool search functionality right from your LinkedIn homepage.

So, without further ado, head over to the LinkedIn Groups Directory and search for the groups that you’d like to join. And, if you forgot who sent you that InMail on a deliverable you know you can turn to your LinkedIn homepage.

For e.g. Profy did a search for social media groups and found a few. Which professional community would you like to be a part of on LinkedIn? Check out the 43 groups on blogging here.


Search LinkedIn Groups here

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