LinkedIn’s “Save as a PDF” feature

I’ve been noticing a lot of comments on Twitter asking whether LinkedIn has the option to create an old-school resume PDF file from one’s LinkedIn Profile.

Kevin S. Clarke asks

Is there some sort of “save to PDF” option for a resume on LinkedIn that I haven’t found yet?

This was a day or two ago, when my immediate Twitter response was. “Of course!” Interestingly a lot of folks don’t notice it. But, it’s rather conspicuously placed on your LinkedIn Profile right in between the “Print” icon and “Forward this Profile”, both of which are slick features themselves. I even took a nifty little screen shot in case you can’t find it when you check out your LinkedIn profile.

So, there it is. Want to know what users are thinking about this feature. Check out a Twitter search tool called summize to listen-in on your users thoughts. Fascinating! Isn’t it. Here are some comments:

golddave: @trib @debhuff The .pdf export is nice but plain. And if the person I’m sending it to knows LinkedIn they’ll know I just lifted the format.

trib: @golddave @debhuff if you complete your LinkedIn profile thoroughly, the .pdf export is *really* good as a cv/resume

gexla: @boyink Same here, not often asked but it happens. I use the PDF export from LinkedIn. It is formatted just like a resume.

And, you get the idea. Follow your brand name on Twitter with Summize. What does Twitter think of your Company brand?

What do you think of Twitter for Business?

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  1. mike

    I have written a CV Resume export tool to a word doc. Take a look at

  2. Shefali

    Hey Mario,
    LinkedIn truly rocks!
    This is an amazing feature to give someone a quick glance of your profile – only thing I find missing here is – if you could give us our blog links included in the PDF as well.

  3. Mario Sundar

    @Business Networking,

    I hear that all the time. Will try to supplement my daily posts with subtle feature news like this post. Glad it was helpful.

  4. Mario Sundar


    I wrote about Comcast’s customer service in an earlier post of mine.

    Frank Eliason’s the individual who answers your questions on Twitter. Follow him @comcastcares.

    But, I agree with you. These work together with a kick-ass customer support team. I believe Frank’s from their customer service team so it looks like it’s a step in the right direction.

  5. Business Networking

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize that feature was there, but it will be very helpful in the future.

  6. Kelly

    Comcast has actually hired someone (if not a whole team) to stalk Twitter comments and then sick customer service on people who complain.

    I think tactics like this can help business, but only when used to complement other, more traditional measures (i.e. customer service that doesn’t suck.)

  7. Mario Sundar


    No worries. Glad I helped you locate it. Hence the post.

    I just love the fact like that this feature is placed between “Print” and “Forward this Profile” just in case you’re a hiring manager who wants to forward it to someone or maybe print it out for an interview!

    Let me know if you’ve any questions on features you can’t find or would like to find 🙂 We are listening.

  8. Laura P Thomas

    Thanks for pointing this out Mario! I hate to admit, but I was one of those people who’d wondered about this sort of functionality and somehow missed it there. Glad to know it’s an option for those HR departments that are still living in the times of hard-copy resumes.

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