The Dilemma of “Two-Face”book Profiles

Get it? Two-Face + Facebook = Two-Facebook! Blame the lame word-coining to my reading too many rave reviews of the upcoming Batman movie. But, jokes apart, in response to my earlier post on whether one should have 2 online social networking personas (social/professional) vs. just one, reader Alphonse Ha writes in:

I have just graduated from college and I have been on Facebook for over 2 years now. When I was in college it didn’t really matter to me what pictures were tagged of me. However, now that I have a job in Marketing in a small placement Agency, I had to create another Facebook profile because I refused to use my personal Facebook profile for testing different recruiting methods on Facebook. This new profile is great because it allowed me to add over 100 people I knew (and counting) that I did not want on my personal profile because they are acquaintances and I did not want their updates to trump the updates of my friends I wanted to know about. However, having an empty profile (no tagged pictures or any other activity besides adding friends) is not beneficial to the recruiting I want to do. So I ended up having to spend time to develop that profile as well and I have to say that is quite time consuming.

Moreover, I am now in a silly dilemna, there are a category of people that I know that I don’t know if I want them on my professional profile or on my personal profile and I must admit that it is quite a waste of brain space. I think that Mark’s idea of having one social networking website that allows different faces would be a great idea and I also agree that whatever is on the Internet stays on the Internet however the Internet is so large that certain things tends to get lost and that could be a good thing.

What would you do, if you were Alphonse?

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  1. Mario Sundar


    Thanks for your comment. Again, I’ve always maintained that I have both a social and professional profile (one on Facebook and one on LinkedIn). Others may have more but this just works for me.

    Works well because of the respective ecosystems on the two sites. I find more of my professional contacts on LinkedIn and likewise with social contacts on Facebook. Plus, it’s just the way the two sites are built. While I enjoy “hanging out” with friends, sharing photos, music, movies & politics on Facebook, LinkedIn helps me get my job done day-in, day-out. Expert advice, Answers, Professional Groups, Business News are some of my primary activities on LinkedIn.

    (Disclosure: I’m the Community Evangelist at LinkedIn)

    Anyways, just my $0.02.

  2. Alphonse Ha

    Thank you for giving visibility to my voice. It feels nice to be acknowledged. I am looking forward to the response.

    Your post prompted additional thoughts on the issue for me. I wrote them on my blog: How many Facebook Profiles does it take to….

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Alphonse Ha

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