My Philosophy of Social Media Sharing

I know some of you may have been surprised by an avalanche of posts on this blog recently. Well, interestingly, it takes as much as time to write those as did to write the essay posts I used to struggle with.

But interestingly, these posts have turned out to be are far more entertaining and engaging for the community of readers.

What 3 areas are you gonna see more of on this blog:

1. Continued focus on 3 areas I love talking about: social networking, corporate blogging & community marketing

2. Increased focus on reader comments: Yes, you’ll see posts that are offshoots of reader comments like this and the post you’re actually reading

3. Insight into my favorite topics within the tech industry in a category called “Read This”, which is a quick synopsis/quote of an article I read and wanted to share with you

Wondering why the writing evolution, besides the fact that I was inspired by my two favorite bloggers: Kottke and Andrew Sullivan? Well, this last post/comment exchange explains it better.

Adam Darowski wrote

What a difference a year makes. With the proliferation of services such as Twitter and FriendFeed, the blog really isn’t always the central home of your brand anymore. I think you’re right you’re right that while the blog may be the first thing listed on your Google vanity search, the search itself is more your “resume” than the blog.

Which got me thinking about my social media philosophy, which I encapsulated in this response:

Love the fact that your Vanity search resembles mine very closely!

Well, as much as I’ve strayed away from the blog from time to time I’m beginning to realize how much more effectively it could be used.

Services like Facebook (private) & FriendFeed (public) allow me to aggregate different content streams to serve different audiences. In addition, here are 3 other social media channels that I populate at different frequencies for different purposes.

LinkedIn – Professional (private: once a day)
Blog – Professional, in my case (public: 2 – 5 posts a day)
Twitter – Social/Professional (public: 10 – 20 times a day)

Now no matter what you do in the above 2 public streams, it auto-populates within your content aggregators which then feeds that audience.

Makes sense?

This actually deserves a separate post!

Hence the difference in style. Hence, the post. Thoughts?

What is YOUR Social Media Philosophy?

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  1. MeleQuiliple


  2. Adam Darowski

    Oh,don’t get me wrong… I do meticulously keep my LinkedIn profile… just not the status. To me, if there’s no open feed for it, it doesn’t really exist. 🙂

  3. Mario Sundar

    I think we both belong to a similar school of thought, except that I do keep a professional profile on LinkedIn, far more religiously maintained, I guess.

    Like your new blog layout, though.

  4. Adam Darowski

    Oooh, a strategy. Now I have to sit down and think…

    Basically, I only update tools that are open and can be aggregated. So, I gotta admit… I’ve never updated my LinkedIn status. That’s because it can’t be pushed anywhere else (and can’t be pulled, either). And, I really don’t think I’d use it any differently than Twitter.

    Similarly, my Facebook status is just my Twitter status. I really don’t know the difference between work & personal anymore, so it’d probably be the same thing anyway.

    So, basically… I don’t use it unless it somehow filters to FriendFeed. If it can’t be aggregated, I’m really not interested.

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