What do other bloggers think of corporate blogs?

Just a couple of days ago, I drew your attention to WSJ’s post that talked of how unimaginative corporate blogs are. I did suggest a few remedies but then turned to find other bloggers talking about the same topic.

(Image Source: Conversations with Dina)

Here are thoughts from 3 other bloggers on what they thought of the article:

1. Marketing Pilgrim

Janet from Marketing Pilgrim quoted from Forrester’s research’s report on four ways to “spice up your blog”, which echoed my thoughts, however her tips were tailored for the B2B space.

  • Be a conversation stater, not a spoiler.
  • Make blog content entertaining, easy to digest and easy to use.
  • Connect the dots between events and community involvement.
  • Invite thought leaders and coach them on community etiquette.
  • 2. B2B Magazine

    Of course, since the focus of the WSJ article was on B2B corporate blogs, no wonder B2B Magazine picked up on it referring to the Forrester research piece that trigerred the WSJ piece.

    The popularity of blogging by b-to-b marketers appears to be waning, according to Forrester Research’s “How to Derive Value from B2B Blogging” report released Monday.

    After counting 36 companies starting corporate blogs in 2006 among its survey sample, the number fell to 19 in 2007. This year, Forrester counted just three new blogs launched in the first quarter.

    3. Conversations Matter

    And, finally I stumbled upon a blog I haven’t seen before. So, Michael Brito who says he’s working on a consumer blog for Intel gives his take on why corporate blogs fail.

    I would argue that a corporate blog might not be the best tool to engage and converse with customers. It really depends on the level of usage and participation that your audience is engaged in with social media.

    So here lies the opportunity. In a recent study conducted by ExpoTV, it was found that, yes, consumers do want to “have a conversation” with a brand.

    I’ve said it before but not every company required a corporate blog. It all depends on what your goals are and how a corporate blog helps you achieve it. And, guess what if you don’t have time to maintain that conversation on a blog, go to twitter or friendfeed where the conversations are happening.

    Check out my recent post on “The Future of Corpoate blogging” based on my presentation at SXSW.

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