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Check your Xobni now? It’s now LinkedIn!

Ha, that was a play on the fact that Xobni is actually Inbox spelled backwards. Still confused? Well, Xobni is a company whose ambition it is to make navigating your complex email inbox simpler. What they offer is a “new way to organize and search your Outlook email.”

In a nutshell, Xobni, reflects your email relationships more accurately and this could prove to be quite efficient in your work email and could enhance your productivity. Today, they took that one step further by pulling additional data from your LinkedIn network. (Disclosure: I work at LinkedIn)

Xobni\'s LinkedIn Plug-in
[Image Source: The Xobni Blog]

TechCrunch says:

The partnership with LinkedIn makes Xobni even more useful. It’s too bad Xobni users are still limited to Outlook and Microsoft Windows (though there’s a web-based version for Yahoo Mail on the way).

Anyhow, if you’re not a MS Outlook user (like me) but are a big fan of Firefox, I can show you how to add a LinkedIn Firefox plug-in that allows you to stay close to your professional network as you browse the web. Actually the LinkedIn plug-in was one of 8 plug-ins featured when Firefox 3 launched recently. Take a look.

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2 Responses

  1. Would loooove to see this in Apple Mail. 😉


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    I believe Mike (TC) had the same question. I guess it’s in the works.


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