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How often do you update your Status?

What started as a trickle, has now become a full-fledged industry standard. Yes, I’m talking about those tiny status updates you see on every social network. Let’s not forget that as much as the once derided IM has become a productivity tool, and IMO so will Status messages. But, with great awareness comes great adoption and finally confusion on how to use them efficiently.

Social Networks

In my experience there are two kinds of network updates I encounter these days: one comes from the simple content creator networks like Twitter, blogs, etc… which then feed into a container network such as FriendFeed. So, let’s take a look at proper network update etiquette & frequency for the two types.

1. Stand-alone Network Updates (where Conversations are started)

* Your Blog – Optimal # of content updates would be 2-3 short posts or 1 thought piece a day

* Twitter – Many, many times a day 🙂 – Add me on Twitter

* Facebook – Posted Items & status (purely social) many times a day

* LinkedIn – Professional status update once a day – Here’s my professional brand

2. Consolidated Network Updates (where Conversations happen)

* FriendFeed – Never – Follow me on Friendfeed

I know. I just let FriendFeed populate with updates from all my other stand-alone networks from Twitter to Pandora. It’s interesting that Facebook is now trying to move from being a conversation starter to being a conversation playground like FriendFeed. A case in point is their opening up of comments within the News feed earlier today.

How many social networks are you a part of and how often do you update content?

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Mario!

    I update my Twitter ( regularly when I’m on my comp. Same goes for my Facebook as they were set up to be automatically updated whenever I post a new Tweet.

    I write on a blog that I’ve started with my friends (, and content is updated once to twice a week.

    What else? I have a FriendFeed account (, but like what you’ve said, I too don’t touch it but let it gather the streams of information automatically.

    You’re going to Twitterize your blog I heard. Sounds like fun. 🙂



  2. eng1ne says:

    Updating your status message in LinkedIn 1x/day is a great idea, and one I’ve completely overlooked. Thanks.


  3. Mario Sundar says:

    Interestingly, I differentiate between my twitter and Facebook update, @Daniel.

    I update Twitter more often than Facebook since my FB community’s tolerance to updates is less than my Twitter community’s.

    BTW, I’d recommend increasing the frequency of your posts. I’m trying and the results will show on this blog, I hope 🙂


  4. […] time on social networks. Yesterday, I blogged about social networking tactics, in particular the habit of updating your status on social networks. Today, I happened to stumble upon a couple of posts on social networking […]


  5. Matt Hames says:

    Gotta love the wordpress link backs. Thanks for the link, and the topic. I think it’s important for an individual to update status all the time, but if brands begin using social media, status updates will have to be carefully updated. The good news, they are passive updates — people have to actively choose to follow/fan/etc.

    And you’re right about updates on a blog. More is always better.


  6. Mario Sundar says:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the comment. Individuals updating status is going to be different from brands using social media.

    As for the blog, I’m having continued success ever since I started blogging more regularly on topics I’m passionate about.


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