3 Corporate Blogging Ideas

Starting this week, I’ll be publishing a post each week on links I didn’t cover on corporate blogging. (Yes! there’s so much to talk about). If any of these links actually turns into a longer than imagined thought process, I’ll spin it off into a separate post. Alright, let’s get started. This week we have tips and tricks on everything from writing styles to blogging policy.

1. Corporate Blog writing style

Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Book quotes Seth Godin’s Tips on Blogging to make her case on why corporate blogging beats traditional press. In Debbie’s own words:

Because good blog writing is more engaging and more persuasive than any press release or home page ridden with corporate-speak.

In my opinion, corporate blogs also add value by allowing a back-and-forth between the company and its users. The Social Media Release efforts (contributed to by my good friend Chris Heuer) is one of the many efforts that attempts to evolve the traditional press release. Does your company issue a social media release?

2. Seven Tips to help Corporate Blogging

The blog coding experiments outlines 7 tips to “corporate blog” well in much the same way as Godin identified in the post mentioned above. Here are a couple more resources to shore up your corporate blogging style here and here.

3. Corporate Blogging Policy

If you belong to a large company with tons of your employees blogging on their own (and if any of that content) even remotely touches upon your company, you may want to start thinking about a corporate blogging policy.

This topic possibly deserves a separate post/s in itself, but I thought you’ll find this post with links to other useful posts quite helpful if you want to do a little research on this topic.

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  1. davtay1


    I’m new to the blogging scene, after a long excruciating avoiding it. But, I nonetheless set myself up here to see what happens.

    I look forward to reading your material and hopefully learning a thing or two.



  2. Mario Sundar


    thanks, bud. that means a lot. I appreciate it.

    BTW, where’s your personal blog? I just can’t find it. Even google can’t?!

  3. Mario Sundar

    @J, @manou,

    I’m glad I earned your readership. Feel free to email me your thoughts on further post ideas you’d like to see. And thanks for reading.

    Definitely. I think it’s worth writing a bigger piece on corporate blogging policy. Will do further homework on it before I write up the piece.

  4. manou

    this one is very useful for a newbie like me…thanks Mario

  5. damon billian

    My personal take is that the human voice is what makes any social media work well. In some ways, I think the better blogs have a kind of “town hall” feeling to them…that’s why I read yours:)

  6. Melissa Worden

    Good tips. Thank you also for the corporate blogging policy link.

    I’d definitley be interested in learning more about your thoughts on this, if you are thinking about writing a separate post.

  7. _j@COREpage

    Thank you for the wonderful tips, tricks and resources.
    Mario, you rock!

    community manager
    CorePage | Know more. Sell faster.

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