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LinkedIn Grows audience 320% (March 2008 – Nielsen Online)

Some blog posts don’t need many words rather just a picture may suffice or in this case, just a chart. Nielsen Online’s Top 10 online social networking sites each month always reflects the terrific growth numbers for LinkedIn and March 2008, looks like the team outdid themselves and as community evangelist I’m naturally excited.

LinkedIn was the fastest growing social networking site for March 2008 as measured by unique audience (year over year), and in effect moving from 5th to 4th spot, nudging aside Windows Live Spaces. Given below is the chart.

Kudos to our product, engineering and design folks at LinkedIn!

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10 Responses

  1. Congratulations!!


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  3. […] community evangelist Mario Sundar has posted a chart from Nielsen showing the top social networks and their growth over the past year (March-March). […]


  4. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, @Enrique!


  5. […] Sundar, the community evangelist for LinkedIn, has posted a chart of Nielsen’s March ratings which shows LinkedIn surpassing Facebook in growth. […]


  6. Paul Chaney says:

    I’ve always had high hopes for LinkedIn and am happy to see this growth, which I think is due in part to the improved “social” aspects of the platform (profile photos, newsfeed). Whatever the reason, congratulations! Now that the sophomoric fascination with Facebook is largely over, we can get back to business.


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  8. […] and 2. the fact that the numbers you see below are – US only. In March 2008, I blogged about LinkedIn’s stupendous growth rate (Nielsen Online) that saw us grow to over 7 million uniques in the US […]


  9. […] settimanalmente dal 32% degli utenti Internet, seguito subito dopo da Facebook (23%), anche se Mario Sundar, promotore della comunità online di Linkedin – ll celebre social network dedicato ai […]


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