Recent interviews from Textra, BNET and LexBlog

One of the perks of a community evangelist role is speaking to different groups of LinkedIn users or professionals in communicating the message of professional networking. (check out one of my favorite panel discussions that I participated in at SXSW earlier this year). Thought I’ll highlight a couple of other interviews I did most recently (one podcast and a blog interview). See below.

1. LexBlog interview w/ Kevin O’Keefe:

I had an email Q&A Session with Rob La Gatta (editorial manager) at Lexblog, “the leading source of information and commentary on the use of blogs, RSS, and social media for the marketing of law firms.” Thought I’ll highlight a few facts that I find most unique about LinkedIn’s foray into corporate blogging that we discussed during the interview (Check out the entire interview here)

* I’m really glad that we’ve had almost 40 colleagues of mine at LinkedIn (from product, engineering and design) contribute on our blog already.

* That’s like 18% of the workforce [that] at LinkedIn has already blogged on the LinkedIn blog.

* The blog definitely has a very healthy involvement from the users with an average of 9 comments/post.

* Of course, some product posts receive almost 75 comments, so it widely varies with each post (as is expected).

We also talk about the genesis of the LinkedIn blog (did you know we had an internal discussion on if we should allow comments or not?) Of course, we decided to go ahead with comments as does corporate blogs like Dell and Yahoo!, two of my favorite corporate blogs run by two of my favorite corp. bloggers – Lionel Menchaca and Nicki Dugan.

2. BNET Podcast with Carmine Gallo

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to upload the mp3 file to WordPress and nor was I able to pull the HTML code from BNET’s site, I’ve asked Carmine Gallo (who interviewed me) for the mp3 file. Will embed it as soon as I can. But in the meanwhile, feel free to check out the podcast on their site.

In case you didn’t catch this earlier here’s an interview I did w/ Natali Del Conte before she moved to CNET New York.

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  1. Mario Sundar


    Absolutely! It was great chatting with Rob. Did you know: we have a separate section within LinkedIn Answers for “Law & Legal”

    Thanks @Nicki!

    And, it’s always good to receive comments from my sister on the blog. Who knew you even check out the blog, @Maria! 🙂

  2. Maria

    Impressive work. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nicki Dugan

    Thanks for the props, Mario!

  4. Kevin OKeefe

    Thanks for doing the interview with us Mario. LinkedIn is drawing a ton of attention from law firms – as well as the legal directories who have been charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to individual firms for listings until now. 😉

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