Start the New Year managing tasks better | Remember the Milk!

I know it’s been a slow news week, what with all the holidays and two LONG weekends. Most of us are probably in the throes of figuring out what our resolutions for the New Year is. I’ve got a bunch of them but the most important seems to be around the theme of enhanced productivity.

One of the productivity tools that I’ve recently immersed myself in is Remember the Milk. Yes, if you can get past the terrible brand name, the service offers you the best overall task management service you can ask for. Moreover, every week the team furiously comes up with these super cool enhancements that totally rock my productive world.

Anyways, last week they introduced a nifty plugin that ties into Gmail. Already Gmail rocks my world, with its labeling and tagging goodness. The only tool that it lacks was obviously a decent task management system and now Remember the Milk completes the picture. There are many features in the integrated , but before we look at the most prominent of those.

Here’s why you should try out Remember The Milk (RTM):

Tagging: RTM allows you to tag tasks and that’s a huge help. In my case, I’ve tagged items by place of action, so for shopping — I tag by different location like Safeway or Costco, so before I go shopping to Safeway, I just sort by that tag and there’s a list of things to do at Safeway. More on my tagging philosophy in an upcoming post of mine. And, you can also tag geographically by location and of course priority.

Plus, you can set repetitive tasks, Atom, RSS subscriptions to your tasks, a terrific iPhone app, Quicksilver app, search by priority/tags/location, etc… I could go on and on, but yourself a favor this New year and check them out.

C’mon give it a try. Start the New Year on a productive note! Check out Remember the Milk.

Here’s why you should integrate RTM into your Gmail experience:

Synchronization with Email/Calendar/Contacts: The big advantage of RTM is its ability to create tasks pulling data from emails, events or contacts from Gmail. This is huge for obvious reasons. For e.g. The problem with task management are the numerous sources from where tasks originate and the challenge of managing it all under one database. For e.g. You chat with your friend and you remember a task that needs to be documented, you receive an email from a friend about a vacation and you need to start managing both a “Project” around it as well as a slew of “Tasks” to help accomplish it.

For all of the above, the RTM extension for Gmail allows you to very easily create tasks directly from your email inbox. For e.g. Receive an email in Gmail. Just star it and it automatically gets converted to a task that’s added to Today’s task list. Simple. Effective.

Read more on how to use RTM’s Firefox extension.

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