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Quick Update: Karl Long’s “Experience Curve” blog has a Technorati rank of 440 and not 332 as noted. Apparently, there’s another blog of his that’s causing that Technorati confusion.

Kudos to Peter Kim of the “Being Peter Kim” blog, for putting together a new list of Top Marketer Blogs (yes, I’m on it:) that he’s culled from three sources: Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs, ToddAnd’s Power 150, and the Z-list. What was interesting is that some of these blogs were mentioned in my Top 10 CMO blogs post on Marketing Profs. Speaking of Mprofs, it’s been forever since I started my series of marketing posts on the blog and in the interim they’ve had some terrific changes including a totally new look-and-feel. But, I digress… So back to the list of Top 13 Marketer Blogs!

Here it is:

  1. Flooring The Consumer :: Technorati authority = 504. Authored by CB Whittemore, Director of In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber.
  2. ExperienceCurve :: 332. 440 Karl Long, Web/Social Media Integration Manager, Nokia. (updated)
  3. Marketing Nirvana :: 424. Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist, LinkedIn.
  4. The Marketing Excellence Blog :: 254. Eric Kintz, VP Marketing, Digital Photography & Entertainment, Hewlett-Packard.
  5. cgm :: 191. Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen Buzzmetrics.
  6. Decker Marketing :: 167. Sam Decker, VP Marketing, Bazaarvoice.
  7. Masiguy :: 162. Tim Jackson, Brand Manager, Masi Bicycles.
  8. AttentionMax :: 153. Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing, Nielsen Buzzmetrics.
  9. :: 148. David Churbuck, VP Global Web Marketing, Lenovo.
  10. Emerson Process Experts :: 130. Jim Cahill, Marketing Communications Manager, Emerson Process Management.
  11. Bernaisesource :: 99. Dan Greenfield, VP Corporate Communications, Earthlink.
  12. John Dragoon’s Blog :: 29. John Dragoon, CMO, Novell.
  13. Randy’s Journal :: n/a. Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing, Boeing.

Since 13 doesn’t sound like a good number and since it’s missing at least two more of my favorite marketer blogs. Here they are:

* Damon Billian (formerly PayPal Damon) — my good friend Damon, who leads community efforts at SimplyHired

* Rohit Bhargava (VP of Interactive Marketing, Ogilvy PR) who runs (what I think) was the fastest growing marketing blog ever called Influential Marketing Blog!

Speaking of all these Top 10 blog lists reminds me of my top three, Top 10 lists ever on Marketing Nirvana:

1. Top 10 CEO blogs
2. Top 10 CMO blogs
3. Top 10 corporate blogs

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  1. Did I just get on the Social Media Index? | A Top 30 Listing « Marketing Nirvana by Mario Sundar

    […] Top Marketing Blogs, ToddAnd’s Power Index 150, recently crafted Peter Kim’s Top Marketer Blogs, and I could go on. All these listings attempt to capture the true influence of a blog on the […]

  2. Mario Sundar

    That’s a good question, D.

    I guess Peter will clarify as to the criteria by which he’s defining the lists, one of which is that he’s trying to focus on marketers at companies as opposed to agency ones.

    Let’s see how the list pans out.

  3. Damon Billian

    Hey, where’s Seth Godin on that list? 😉 Seth is probably the best marketing guru that has a blog.

    Congrats for making it on the list!

  4. Mario Sundar

    Can’t wait for the feedback. I’ll be writing a post on blogger feedback on LinkedIn thus far.

    Do send all feedback to

    Thanks and Kudos.

    You’re beginning to sound more like Steve Jobs, man! 😉 I like that. Thanks, though.

  5. Mario Sundar

    Hi Rohit,

    I guess you’re right on both counts: Kawasaki’s blog may’ve had a faster rise, but your blog is probably a close 2nd.

    As for the listing, I added your blog since Pete from Nielsen was on it, but I could be wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

    I’m sure our paths will cross at some future event. I look forward to that.

  6. Mario Sundar

    Well, looks like my mom just commented on the blog, or must be my sister? 🙂 Thanks!

    Speaking of moms, our LinkedIn blog recently featured the user experience of Sharon Nash (Adam Nash’s mom).

    Check it out here:

  7. John Manavalan

    thats un-believable ! thats huuu..uuge !!
    you started blogging last year ….and boom – you’re already
    high up on the list ….isn’t that beautiful ?

    it seems like this is a monumental day in the
    history of your blog !!

    congratulations and keep it up !

  8. Tim Jackson

    I feel pretty honored to be on the list myself. At #7, I feel mighty fortunate to be in such incredible company.

    To go along with CB- you are doing some fantastic work with LinkedIn. Keep it rolling!


  9. C. B. Whittemore

    Mario, thanks for recapturing Peter’s list and including Flooring The Consumer. Your Top 10 lists are really interesting and I totally agree with your words about Influential Marketing Blog! You are doing awesome work at LinkedIn and I made a promise to CK to provide you with feedback…. It’s coming!

  10. Rohit

    Hi Mario,

    Many thanks about your kind words about my blog – I had never thought about it in terms of fast growth, though I have to say Guy Kawasaki probably holds the award for that.. I’d love to be part of Peter’s list, but I think he was aiming to include what he called “client-side” marketer’s blogs … and I’m most definitely an agency guy. Either way, I appreciate the mention and your thinking of me. Hope we get to meet at an industry event sometime soon!

  11. Rita Sundar

    Hi Mario
    Great work. Keep it up.

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