Community 2.0 – Meeting your users

1. Lunch 2.0 at Netgear

It seems like just last week when we hosted one of the biggest Lunch 2.0’s ever at LinkedIn (well, it was actually only last week). And, the team’s back at it again… This time around, we had Lunch 2.0 at Netgear. I had an opportunity to meet with a slew of friends, LinkedIn users and the Netgear crew. The Podtech and crew were there filming again and it was just a perfect summer BBQ. Here’s a nice post by Jeremiah. (Jeremiah’s site seems to be down, will update it with link shortly)

2. My take on Lunch 2.0 (from a community manager’s perspective)

Now, there could be those of you wondering what are some of the benefits of hosting these events. Here’s my simple three-fold take based on my experience organizing it for LinkedIn:

1. Bringing your users/evangelists together

2. Bringing your own company together

3. Sharing of ideas

This definitely references my recent blog exchange with Hugh Macleod (Gaping Void) on the role of the community manager. My take on Hugh’s Porous Membrane post was that every community manager’s role involves two groups: Community (Users) and the Troops (Your product, engineering, and other teams). As the membrane (Community Manager), which delineates these two groups, its events like Lunch 2.0 that enable you to bring in both groups and facilitate a free flow of information between sides.

As an example, when we had Lunch 2.0 at LinkedIn, one of our co-founders, Allen Blue, outlined some of our recent milestones, our vision and future plans, in a style and format reminiscent of our weekly Wednesday lunches at LinkedIn. That way you take a core attribute of your company, add hundreds of your users to an event and voila! You have one huge community event, with the sole purpose of engendering conversations users and your company. It’s productive and enlightening to see some your users directly interact with your product team, developers and engineers and that’s something any community manager should aspire to do.

3. Learn more about Lunch 2.0

Want to know more about Lunch 2.0. Check out the official blog here and also read about the genesis of Lunch 2.0 from Terry Chay, one of the guys who started it all.

I’ve also been asked by the founders of Lunch 2.0 to be an advisor in helping out with some of these events. If you’ve got a tech company in any part of the world interested in bringing together your community and troops over a free lunch, let us know. Lunch 2.0 is already recreating itself in other parts of the US (currently Seattle) and we’re sure it holds potential in any other part of the world with a passion for technology?

Is your community ready for Lunch 2.0?

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  1. ddaarryynn

    We just had our first Lunch 2.0 in Seattle yesterday at Wetpaint’s office in Pioneer Square. It was sponsored by 3 local startups: Wetpaint, ZenZui, and Eyejot (my company). Here are some pictures:


    Next month we’re moving on up to’s 46th floor offices in downtown Seattle.

  2. Lunch 2.0 » NETLUNCH 2.0 – yum!

    […] check out Jeremiah’s wrap up post(photos and video), Mario Sundar, überpulse (video), Christopher Salazar, and Michael […]

  3. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, man… I do have twitter on facebook but that allows me to only see the most recent ones.

    I look forward to the growth of Lunch 2.0.

  4. terry chay

    Great writeup!

    BTW, if you follow Lunch 2.0 on twitter, you can sometimes see the links to sites mentioning Lunch 2.0, even if they’re down. 🙂 (As well as get announcements to future Lunch 2.0’s which are favorited.)

  5. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Lunch 2.0 at NetGear

    […] Updates: Here’s some links of blogs, images, and videos: Our friends have harnessed ustreaming! -Here’s their archived Ustream video, and here Mario Sundar’s take on the event (with some community marketing ideas) […]

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