So who has been viewing my LinkedIn profile?

First off, have you submitted a 5-word speech for the LinkedIn Webby Award, yet? Last week, we opened the floodgates on receiving user submissions for our speech at the Webbys. The goal: select one of our users to accept the Award for social networking at the Webby Gala in New York.

And one week into it, we’ve received 161 submissions (both public and private entries) and we still have 5 more days, so feel free to go ahead and give it a shot. The author of the best user submission will be flown to New York on June 5 to accept the Webby on our behalf. And, you’ll get a chance to hang out with David Bowie, Meg Whitman, the YouTube guys, a Ninja and a lonely girl at the awards function. What’s your favorite?

As I’d announced last week on the blog, we recently launched a new feature at LinkedIn called “Who’s viewed my profile?”. You may have already checked it out when you logged into LinkedIn, or through our blog, TechCrunch or TechMeme.

So who has viewed my profile in the last 24 hours?

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  2. Mario Sundar

    It hasn’t been removed, Bob. That said, if no viewers have viewed your profile since you last logged in the module won’t show up on your profile.


  3. Bob Patten

    I have added over 40 people in the last month and have tons of inquiries about my profile – but still no WVMP module to be found anywhere. I am hearing the same thing on some other sites.

    I know I have had a lot of traffic to my profile – but no record of WVMP anywhere.

    Please help!

    Has LinkedIN removed it?

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