Rubel, Lunch 2.0 and a new LinkedIn feature!

Breaking News: We just announced a nifty little feature on LinkedIn called “Who’s viewed my profile?” (having a self-explanatory title definitely helps). Here is the settings page. Check it out on the right hand side of your homepage as soon as you log on.

Check out a write-up by my colleague, Steven Stegman, on our blog as well as another overview of the feature by Michael Arrington on TechCrunch. Coming up: My personal thoughts/experience on this feature.

Now that I’ve gotten the exciting news out of the way, here’s what I wanted to say for today:

1. The perks of being an advocate: Being a customer advocate and responding to urgent user requests is an integral part of being a community evangelist. Imagine my surprise earlier yesterday, when I read Steve Rubel twitter about his LinkedIn account going down. He also blogged about it!

We immediately restored the account and let Steve know about it (both on his blog as well as on Twitter). I never thought I’d say this but twitter can be used as a customer service broadcast and feedback tool. It’s relevance however is entirely dependent on its users. Also, thanks to my bud Jeremiah for his kind words and observations.

Either way, I’d recommend any community marketer to follow a central system to monitor chatter about your company. Here’s how I do it using Google Reader. I monitor a slew of discussion forums, yahoo! groups, google alerts (news and blogs), LinkedIn Answers — all of which are RSS enabled.

2. Lunch 2.0 (110 attending. Are you?): You’ve probably heard that we’re hosting Lunch 2.0 at LinkedIn and as of today (more than a week before the event) we have a total of 110 RSVPs. We’ve also received a slew of RSVPs from all your favorite bloggers including my good friends Jeremiah, Scoble, Shel Israel, Dave McClure, Noah Kagan, Jeremy Pepper (tentative) and more — we even have a surprise guest! So, if you are in the Bay Area and haven’t confirmed yet; what are you waiting for.

RSVP for Lunch 2.0 here

So, once again, why should you be at Lunch 2.0? That’s easy: friends, peers, technology, LinkedIn, games, fun and free lunch!

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  4. ahndunk

    I think this feature is very helpful, I love this. I can see the people who visit my profile!

  5. Did I just get on the Social Media Index? | A Top 30 Listing « Marketing Nirvana by Mario Sundar

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  6. memesponge

    I totally love this new feature! So rewarding and could be addicting like any analytics tool.

  7. shwibbs

    I think this will be quite helpful, as I would be interested in who viewed my profile. It would help me better network within the community.

    Dan Schawbel

  8. noah kagan

    I like the idea but it may encourage people not to look at as many profiles or certain people…

  9. David Dalka – Creating Revenue and Retention – Chicago GSB MBA

    Not Really Seeing Who Is Reading Your LinkedIn Profile

    The links do not not take you to the actual person! Pretty lame.
    In other words, it’s no more useful than a count of the profile views.  If you are going to do something, why show it in such a half baked way?

  10. Mack Collier

    Mario I’ve finally started spending some time with LinkedIn after you jumped on board. The ‘who’s visiting my page’ feature is a GREAT idea! I’ll definitely be checking it out!

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