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Day 2 at Web 2.0 Expo: Community Roundtable

Quick update: I attended the Community Roundtable earlier today and then I had a chance to meet with Gabe Rivera (TechMeme) and Dave McClure before heading over to the VC 2.0 Panel discussion moderated by Michael Arrington, in one of the most exciting and fun-filled panel discussions I’ve been in a long while.

(Thanks, Dave. Source: Dave’s Flickr Stream)

However. looks like we’ve been struck by the Curse of the Wifi at the Expo. I’m seated right next to Jessica Guynn (SF Chronicle) at the VC 2.0 panel discussion and the laptop is running out of battery and unfortunately there are NO power outlets in this auditorium and WiFi is erratic to say the least.

(from l-r: 1. Michael Arrington, Panelists, Audience, Panel)

I did check and it looks like many auditoriums within the Moscone Center do NOT have power outlets. So, I’ll try to blog live during the keynotes (Jeff Bezos, Tim O’Reilly, John Battelle, Kevin Lynch, and others) IF there’s a power outlet and WiFi. If not, check out the blog tomorrow for the pictures and a summary of today’s sessions.

Well, we’re live… finally. Been running around different sessions, but finally found the right group to participate in.

10: 45 AM: Various community managers and enthusiasts from various groups have assembled at Level 3 of the Web 2.0 Expo to discuss community concepts and ideas. We’re just done with introductions and Tara is currently introducing the session and what the goals of the group are. Stay tuned.

11:00 AM: We’re working out the discussion topics

– A need for simpler guidelines
– However, people are messy
– AND, guidlines are to be loosely interpreted
– online is missing emotional contact
– language is NOT barrierless

The conversation has now veered into OpenID. Here are starting points:

– moving from pages to community sites (microformats). Working on attention data?
– Why openID is disruptive?
– ability to take your online persona wherever you go
– the problem that there will be only one service that aggregates all information
– ease of sharing information will enable openID
– in a perfect world, if one can have a universal username/password
– however, a single user id makes privacy invasions easier to break
– can’t we have a key to unlock the rest of your online personas

Moving into privacy issues:
– flickr is a great model of varying levels of privacy (private vs. public) – offer flexibility
– also paying attention to anonymize data esp. in financial circles/businesses
– balance is the gradient of choice, which should be based on helping the community
– great deal of education is necessary and enable users to make that choice
– what does it MEAN to broadcast yourself in real time BUT does that make it more valuable to a community
– privacy is an illusion
– sierra – locke: someone was able to find all the personal information of sierra’s and published it. So security to one’s data is an illusion
– are americans more open to giving up their privacy? e.g. political social networks, where you publicly announce your affiliations

– let’s be honest about our privacy
– important: need a privacy policy, need terms of service (original yahoo! terms is around 13 simple lines) and community guidelines
– the debate between doing the legal things vs. doing the right thing
– attention data/attention trust: all the data that’s collected by your online actions, look at it as web stats for your life.

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