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SD Forum event w/ Adam Moise from Palm

I just returned from yet another enlightening and fun-filled event organized by the Marketing Special interest group (SIG) of the Software Developers Forum or SD Forum as it is more commonly known as. The event featured Palm evangelist and Senior Manager, Partner Alliances/Developer Relations – Adam Moise.

The reason I called Adam, an evangelist, is because even though his title doesn’t say so, he’s a natural when it comes to infectious enthusiasm of the product he talks about. Harking back to a very interesting research study done by Frederic Lucas-Conwell (GrowthSource, Inc.) for the SDForum Conference last year, my observations seem clearer:

A technology evangelist serves as an ambassador of organizational technologies, interacting with prospects, partners, users, producers and other members of the organization. The position may carry a title; however, many are not formally assigned the position, yet often clearly promote the organization and preach its products.

I’d definitely recommend reading the survey results of that study, which can be found here. Here’s a sneak peek:

What are the salient characteristics of being a technology evangelist?
* Proactive in rapidly connecting with others
* Enthusiastic and persuasive
* Collaborative, comfortable working with others
* Socially informal, etc… (you can read the rest of it here– Source: SD Forum)

(from l-r: Adam Moise, Filomena U, Ed Buckingham)

I also had a chance to meet with Ed Buckingham and Filomena U, co-organizers of the Marketing Special Interest Group at the SD Forum. If you’re interested in considering membership for the SDForum, here’s their events calendar. You can check out their registration page for further details.

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