Mprofs post: Community has a new side to it…

Well, finally I made it to the front page of MarketingProfs and that’s really cool. Feel free to check out my most recent post on their blog, The Daily Fix, titled the “Three Sides of the Community Coin“. For readers of this blog, you’ll recognize it as a remix of an earlier post of mine. What’s unique on the Daily Fix however is the kinds of conversations you’ll hear — great site, great ideas.

So, feel free to head over there and join the conversation, with other marketers. You can find the post here.

Check out all of my earlier posts on the Daily Fix, here.

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  3. Mario Sundar

    Thanks! Rajan…

    You’ve an interesting blog.

  4. Rajan Sodhi

    Congrats Mario. I’m a subscriber and fan of and look forward to reading more of your posts. I quite often send many of my blog readers to Marketingprofs articles through posts.

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