…and one more thing…

I started this journey of blogging almost a year ago (nudged on by my good friend, Jeremiah – thanks, buddy!) and here I am less than a year later embarking on another journey – this time as community evangelist at LinkedIn!

Jeremiah Owyang interviews Mario Sundar (this was right when I started at LinkedIn)

Play Video

I’m really excited at this opportunity to convert my preaching into practice. My immediate goals are pretty simple:

1. Help our users understand LinkedIn better
2. Help LinkedIn understand our users better

To accomplish that, my goal is to engage with the different communities of LinkedIn users out there; whether it be in the blogosphere, at discussion forums, or physical events with a goal of listening to their feedback.

Blog Focus?

The focus of this blog will continue to be centered around customer evangelism and community marketing; both of which I’ve been talking about ever since I started this blog. Moving forward, you’ll also see some examples of implementation, lessons learnt, social media experiments, etc…


To get uninterrupted access to my marketing thoughts, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feeds:

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My Email – mario.sundar@gmail.com

Thank You

I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers with whom it’s been great learning and sharing ideas — Damon Billian, Noah Kagan, Mack Collier, Karl Long, Ann Handley, CK, David Armano, Chris Thilk, Eric Kintz, Paul McEnany, Mike Wagner, Anand Iyer, Easton Ellsworth, Mukund Mohan, Debbie Weil, Will Pate, Tracy Sheridan and Shel Israel. (Have I missed anyone?)

The journey continues…

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  6. Mario Sundar

    Thanks for swinging by, Adam.

    I look forward to more conversations, though 🙂

  7. Adam Darowski

    Thanks for the add, Mario. While I haven’t subscribed to Steve’s blog (it seems that I tend to hear about what he’s saying through others. I’ll be adding, though, to keep up a little better. Curious to see how this evolves. Thanks!

  8. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Will!

    I’m still waiting for YOUR major “”cool news”! Can’t wait… Should I congratulate you in advance? 🙂

  9. Will Pate

    I have no idea how I missed this before, but way to go Mario. LinkedIn, let this guy rock your casbah.

  10. Mario Sundar

    Thanks for the wishes, Marianne.

  11. Marianne Richmond



    Sorry to be so late…just catching up on things.

    Best wishes,

  12. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Tracy!

    Definitely. My blog should soon have a list of events I’m attending each week.

    Just let me know and we can meet. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

  13. Tracy Sheridan


    Heartfelt congratulations to you! LinkedIn has made a very wise move, and I know you will make a profound difference. Quite excellent.

    I’d love to chat again soon!

  14. Mario Sundar

    Hi Toby,

    Thanks for the wishes. My Blog anniversary is still 2 months away but the exciting news for me is of course my role at LinkedIn.

    We should party, so when are you going to be in San Francisco next?

  15. Toby

    Mario – late to your blogannivesary party but wanted to add my congrats! and best wishes. Looking forward to year 2 and more great posts .. now the important question – Any cake left?

  16. The 3 sides of the Community Coin! « Marketing Nirvana

    […] like to “Thank You” all for your kind words and best wishes. And, of course, to Jeremiah for the video intro. Speaking of Jeremiah, he had a great post on […]

  17. Mario Sundar

    Long time, no hear. I’m so glad with all the well deserved success you’re having with the book club. Yes, I’m still guilty I haven’t participated yet, but I look forward to the next one and hope to contribute.

    We definitely need a sake post or maybe we’ll meet sometime this year for a sake party? 🙂

  18. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Chris, for the mention on Movie Marketing Madness.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I’ll definitely keep our community of marketers posted on all the exciting developments.

  19. Michael Wagner

    Honored to be a fellow learner with you Mario.

    LinkedIn will look back on this a wise decision!

    Stir things up, bring your wisdom…and keep creating,

  20. CK

    I am so happy for you and for Linked In…they lucked out with you. This is amazing and well-deserved. And it will be so fun! So, when do we do a Sake post to this? Much love & luck friend ;-).

  21. Movie Marketing Madness » Blog Archive » Friends of MMM: 3/27/07

    […] Sundar has been hired by professional social networking site LinkedIn as a community/customer […]

  22. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Paul!

    I appreciate it, buddy.

  23. Paul McEnany

    You rock, Mario! Congratulations!

  24. Mario Sundar


    Thanks! Of course, not. Blogging helped me redefine what my priorities within marketing were.

    Talk to you soon.

  25. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Jeremy.

    Yes! It’s great working with Kay.

    And, Thanks to Easton, Christopher, Noah (are you gonna be at the web2.0 expo?), Joseph, and my good friend – Damon, for the best wishes.

  26. Mario Sundar

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks! Have you subscribed to my colleague Steve Ganz’s (Sr. Web Developer) blog: http://steve.ganz.name/?

    I’ve just added your blog to my reader.

  27. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Shel!

    It’s all about the “humanification” of companies 🙂

    It’s good to hear of your experience using the site. Please let me know if you’ve any further feedback.

    Good luck with the book.

  28. Damon Billian

    Rock on & congrats! I think you will enjoy working with the fine folks over there! LI is probably one of the cooler products out there & I think you will be able to make an impact.

  29. Joseph Denzel

    What a cool job! LinkedIn has found the perfect person for it, too!

    Congratulations. If you ever need people for focus groups or whatever, I am more than happy to help.

  30. noah kagan

    Congrats. You are a great person and LinkedIn is so damn lucky to have you.

  31. christopher salazar

    Congrats Mario and Good luck!

  32. Mario Sundar

    Hi Connie,

    Good to know and so am I 🙂

    You probably are already aware of some of the Yahoo! Groups were LinkedIn users hang out. Here are the big 3:
    1. My LinkedIn Power Forum
    2. LinkedInnovators
    3. Since you’re a blogger, LinkedIn Bloggers

    Let me know if you’re a member of other groups/discussion forums?

  33. Mario Sundar

    Ann, Mack, Mike and Eric,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    You’ll definitely be hearing more on evangelism & community efforts from me. Stay tuned.

  34. Easton Ellsworth

    Sweet, Mario! Keep blazin’ that awesome trail.

  35. Mukund Mohan

    Rock on man. Well deserved. Its going to be a great gig. I like Linked In. I’ll give you a earful when you get there 🙂

    Keep on blogging BTW, dont forget that’s what got you there in the first place.

  36. Jeremy Pepper

    Congrats on the new gig – it should be fun, and Kay’s one of the best.

  37. Adam Darowski

    Hey Mario… I’m merely a friend of Jeremiah’s, but I thought this was great news. I’m a web developer, so I’ve been very impressed with LinkedIn’s use of Microformats and other transportable data lately. Now to see they are getting a community evangelist is another great sign. Best of luck.

  38. shel israel

    Congrats Mario. You have your work cut out for you. I’ve been in Linked In for several years. I say yes to almost every invite. So far, I’ve been asked to make a connection only once and I’ve never been introduced to anyone through the service.

  39. Mike

    Mario, it was great meeting with you at the PhotoWalk yesterday. Linkedin is lucky to have you as a community evangelist and I’m sure you’ll be doing great things for them.

  40. Bloggers For Hire » Blog Archive » LinkedIn Hires a Profeesional Blogger

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  41. Eric Kintz

    WOW congrats Mario! Eric

  42. Connie Reece

    Mario – I’m already an enthusiastic user of LinkedIn, so this is great news for connection-makers.

  43. Mike Sansone

    Mario – Very cool. Stay contagious

  44. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » LinkinIn gets a Community Evangelist

    […] I informally interviewed Mario on video, you can watch as he explains his purpose as a Customer Evangelist, Congrats Mario and congratulations LinkedIn, you’ll now have a better connection with customers, communicate more effectively and continue to put a human face on your company, you couldn’t have picked anyone more friendly and genuine than Mario. […]

  45. Jeremiah Owyang

    All the credit is due to you, congrats Mario

  46. Ann Handley

    You are amazing. Congrats!!

  47. Mack Collier

    Very cool Mario! Congrats and let us know what you are doing to evangelize LinkedIn, I love hearing about the ‘behind the scenes’ stories 😉 Congrats again!

  48. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Mario!

    Of course, more community, more evangelism…Can’t wait for your blog, tho! 🙂

  49. Mario Vellandi

    Yeah brutha, good luck! I’ll definitely be looking forward to new posts on community engagement

  50. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Cameron, for your kind words and best wishes.

  51. Cameron Olthuis

    Congrats! And I was half expecting to hear you were taking a job at Podtech. Sounds like it will be a great journey with a great company that has a promising future.

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