Top 10 CEO Blogs Redux (03/07)

I know…It’s too early for a redux, but Damon pointed out that cool blogs such as the Marriott blog were missing. And, he was right — the New PR Wiki (maintained by Constantin Basturea) has been updated recently with new listings and so I had to re-rank the Top 10 CEO Blogs, taking into account these changes.

The result is that our good friend David Armano and Ogilvy PR blogger Rohit Bhargava (Influential Interactive Marketing) have crept into the Top 10 CEO rankings. However, former Top 10‘er Bob Lutz (GM) narrowly missed the cut. I also wasn’t sure if I should include my long-time (in blog years) friend, Ann Handley in the Top 10 since MarketingProfs Daily Fix is technically not a CEO blog 😦

# 10: Rohit Bhargava — Vice President, Ogilvy PR
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 5138)

#9: Richard Edelman — President & CEO, Edelman
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 4555)

# 8: Brad Feld — Managing Director, Mobius Venture Capital
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 3027)

# 7: David Sifry — Founder and CEO of Technorati
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 1594)

# 6: Jonathan Schwartz — COO, Sun Microsystems
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 1436)

# 5: David Armano — Creative VP, Digitas
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 1414)

# 4: Jeff Jarvis — President & Creative Director of Advance.nett
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 210)

# 3: Mark Cuban — Chairman, HDNet & Owner, Dallas Mavericks
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 138)

# 2: Robert Scoble — Vice President of Media Development, PodTech
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 111)

# 1: Steve Rubel — Senior Vice President in Edelman’s me2revolution practice
(Blog | Technorati Rank: 98)

All Technorati Ranks as of 03/13/07 (What’s the Technorati Rank? Learn more)

Note: As the source for these rankings, the New PR Wiki notes, “this is a list of weblogs authored by CEOs. Actually, this might be a misnomer. It’s a list of weblogs authored by people who are in a leadership position in various organizations (corporations, non-profit, etc.).”

However, it is easy to understand and so I’ve decided to stick with it for now, unless you have a better term. Any suggestions? Leave a comment.

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  4. Mario Sundar

    Most definitely, Mack.

  5. Mack Collier

    Ann is #1 in our hearts, and that’s more important anyway 😉

  6. Mario Sundar

    Hi Dot My Spot, (is that how you’d like to be called?)

    Thanks for reading and including me on your list. I’ll surely blog about posts/topics on your website that readers of my blog will find interesting.

  7. Mario Sundar

    Hi Damon,

    Unfortunately, I cannot do that since most of the Top 10 I’ve culled find mention in the Most Popular Blogs listing. So I’ve to resort to a universal list such as New PR Wiki and then choose an objective ranking mechanism.


    Ranking these does take a lot of time, but I believe it shines a spotlight on blogs that initiate the greatest amount of discussion among their peers and fellow bloggers.

  8. DotMySpot

    Hi Nice blog here 🙂

    I have you on the Z-List as well:

    Just wondering would u be interested in exchanging links..

    Do let me know 🙂

    Thanks a million!

  9. Mario Vellandi

    I think you should just go with your gut instinct of what you find the best / most interesting for this moment in time. I wouldn’t even rank them in fact.. that’s just me though.
    Some interesting links. thx

  10. Damon Billian

    Hi Mario,

    I would go by the popular rank on technorati first (position #) & then break the rest down how you’ve done it. While the ranking changes daily by a search by blog, I think the popular bases it on on the total overall number of links.

    I don’t think Alexa is a very viable tool for this, unfortunately.

  11. Mario Sundar

    I think Damon brings up an important topic. Let me throw this question out there.

    What do you think is the best way to rank CEO blogs?

    Technorati rank? Popular blog listing from Technorati? Alexa?

    Feel free to comment.

  12. Mario Sundar

    That’s interesting, D.

    If you click on the Technorati ranks for the Top 10 above, you’ll notice I’ve linked to the current Technorati rank (which fluctuates each day) has a current rank of 107 on 3/14/2007 (12,140 links from 3,791 blogs) vs. 75 on the popular listing you referred to.

    107 refers to the number of blogs, plus one, that have more than 3,791 blogs linking to them and is considered a universal blog metric. I could have used Alexa for the ranking but I realize that many corporate CEO blogs are not quantified on Alexa 😦

    As for the methodology for the ranking, I’ve a Google spreadsheet of all the CEO blogs culled from the New PR Wiki and I rank them by Technorati rank every quarter. The Top 10 is the creme-de-la-creme from that group.

    What do ya think?

  13. Damon Billian

    Hi Mario,

    Hmmm…how did you get those rankings? For example, Scoble actually shows at 75 on technorati’s most popular blogs &Rubel shows at 65.

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