The Fall of Scrybe; The Rise of Gmail

Note: The title of my blog post refers to my personal preferences in selecting a calendar/time management tool.

As you may have read in my recent posts, I’d been trying the beta version of Scrybe as a calendar tool convinced by it’s very effective 2 minute preview on YouTube. Slowly but surely my interest in Scrybe has waned because not because Scrybe was less useful, but because another tool was becoming more useful:

Cons of Scrybe:

1. It opens in another browser window

2. It takes time to load (as compared to gmail and my GTD plugin — see below)

3. The only reason I continued using it were the to-do lists and the intuitive interface

Pros of Gmail:

4. One-stop shop: Gmail was making it easier for me to add events to Google Calendar, while I crafted the email or responded to an email, thus taking care of my calendar needs from 1 interface.

5. The FINAL NAIL: While I found the to-do lists on Scrybe to be both pleasing to the eye and easy to use, most of my action items originated from my emails (gmail). When I stumbled upon the Firefox/Gmail plug-in for “Getting Things Done” (GTD), I didn’t have further reason to continue using Scrybe.

For those of you, who haven’t yet tried David Allen’s GTD principle, check out 43 Folders’ intro w/ tips. It may just change the way you manage your time & your life.

Also, here are 3 blogs that’ll help you enhance your quality of life/work:

1. 43 Folders

2. Lifehack

3. Zen Habits

Are there any other valuable blogs I’m missing?

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