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Another reason to LOVE Google Reader!

Y’all know, I’m a BIG fan of Google Reader and gmail.

Here’s a nifty tip that I gleaned from the blog Google Operating System that shows how to (a) pull up your entire list of feeds/labels and (b) search for specific feeds/labels while reading posts in Google Reader. Quite a time saver and a ton of fun… I’m impressed.

a. Pull up the entire list of feeds by typing gu

…and pull up labels by typing gl

b. Once you’ve done that, just continue searching/typing for a specific title of blog/label you’d like to switch to. It’s that simple and cool…

So here’s searching for a specific feed, after typing gu

….And here’s searching for a specific label after typing gl

My next post describes another reason to love Gmail.

Do you’ve any specific Google Reader tips you’d like to share?

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3 Responses

  1. Paul McEnany says:

    Nice tips, Mario! Love it!


  2. […] minute, tech conversations that interest me. To me, TechMeme’s the evolution of CNET. As for Google Reader, I have two accounts that I access, one purely for tech based feeds (112 feed subscriptions) and […]


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