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Guy’s hearing voices too!

Over 2 months ago, I asked you if you’ve listened to your inner marketing voices! Of course, I was referring to my good friend Jennifer Jones’ podcast commentary — aptly titled Marketing Voices.

My friend, Jeremiah, who is Jennifer’s colleague asks for suggestions to improve MarketingVoices. I know that Jennifer listens to feedback and responds. Case in point: I had requested podcasts w/ my 5 favorite marketers and she’s already interviewed 2 of them, Godin & Kawasaki.

2 more suggestions:

1. Another great podcast would be a conversation with Ben & Jackie from Church of the Customer.

2. A great way to foster conversation among marketers would be to maybe include round-table podcasts w/marketing bloggers who are changing the face of the marketing blogosphere.

Here are my favs/friends — CK (strategy), Mack (community), Ann (media/publishing), Damon (community), Paul (citizen marketer), David (advertising/design), Eric (corporate marketing), Mike (branding). And, here are many.

Guys, any other suggestions for the Marketing Voices podcast?

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7 Responses

  1. Paul McEnany says:

    I’m in! Let’s roundtable it up!

    I must object to citizen marketer. I am that, but I’m also just a plain marketer. 🙂


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    Alright, plain marketer. Let’s round table it up… 🙂


  3. Paul McEnany says:

    Ha! Let’s do it!


  4. Mario, great ideas and i would be happy to do the roundtable..let me figure out a date with PodTech production and get back to everyone with some dates…

    Great ideas. Thank you, keep them coming.

    May all the voices you hear, be marketing voices….:)


  5. Mario Sundar says:

    Looks like Jennifer’s considering the idea. I told ya, she’s responsive.

    Thanks for listening. I look forward to hearing soon from you.


  6. Drat! I probably won’t have anything that interesting to say;-) Mario’s trying to make me overcome my INFP personality…

    Note: I actually try to look at myself as a “comsumer” marketing person. I try to bridge the gap between company & customer as much as possible, which means I actually get involved in issues related to customer service as well.

    I think it was an excellent suggestion by Mario. I just hope it isn’t video – largely because I’ve already put on the ten pounds that the camera is supposed to add. I guess that means I will be twenty pounds over…


  7. Mario Sundar says:

    Well, Damon, I think you’ll overcome your INFP personality very easily.

    I think we’ll uncover some interesting facts when we kick-start such audio conversations. And it’d be interesting to see how the group interacts w/ sound compared to our blog interactions.


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